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Basenji Dog Breed Info with Image

Basenji is an aloof but very affectionate dog that can be severely protective of their humane companions. These dogs are friendly with other breed of dogs but sometimes they can be argumentative. Originally found in the Congo, these dogs use both sight and scent to hunt and was originally used to flush small game into nets of a hunter and to control the populations of rodent. They are endearing and clever, and good companion for people who can stay a step ahead of them.

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Breed Name Basenji Dog
Origin Democratic Republic Of Congo,great Britain
Other Names African Bush Dog,African Barkless Dog,Ango Angari,Congo Dogs,Zande Dog
Lifespan 12-14 years
Breed Group Hound
Size Type Small dog breeds
Height 18-22 inches (38-43 cms)
Weight 22-24 Pounds (9.5-11 kg)
Temperament Alert, Affectionate, Energetic and Curious
Coat Color Chestnut red, black, black and tan, brindle, all with white feet, chest, and tail tip
Coat Characteristics Fine, Short
What to Feed Recommended daily amount is 3/4 to 1 cup of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.
Litter size     4-6 puppies
Training Needs Easy to train,Intelligence,Potential for Mouthiness,Prey Drive,Tendency to Bark,
Living condition Good for apartment life, sensitive to temperature extremes, overly warm living conditions are damaging to their coat
Exercise need 30-50 minutes per day
Distinctive features Upright ears (naturally)
Grooming Needs Once a week
Club Recognition
  • AKC Classification: Hound
  • UKC Classification: Sighthounds and Pariahs
Highlights of this Breed Socialization & Training, Patience and a sense of humor are essential to living with a Basenji
Bred For Hunting
Similar Dogs Ibizan Hound,Rat Terrier,shiba Inu,Portuguese Podengo Pequeno


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