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Beagle Dog Breed Information

A small fascinating canine, beagle is one of the most preferred companions for adults as well as kids. It is a fun loving dog breed; but being hound, this dog can be stubborn therefore require creative, patient training techniques. Originally, Beagles were bred as a scent hound to track the small game, mostly hare and rabbits. Still, they are used for this very purpose in many countries. More information about this breed is as follows:


Breed Name Beagle Dog
Origin Great Britain, England, United Kingdom
Other Names English Beagle
Lifespan 12-15 years
Breed Group Hound
Size Type Small dog breeds
Height 18-22 inches (33-41 cms)
Weight 20-35 Pounds (9-11kg)
Temperament Even Tempered, Gentle, Amiable, Exitable, Intelligent
Coat Color White, Brindle and White, Fawn and Black and White
Coat Characteristics Short haired, Hard coat of medium length
What to Feed Recommended daily amount is 3/4 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dog food a day, divided into two meals
Litter size     2-7 puppies
Training Needs Easy to train, Intelligence, Potential for Mouthiness, Prey Drive, Wanderlust Potential
Living condition The beagle is an energetic and lively dog, with a curious and excitable personality.
Exercise need 60-80 minutes per day
Grooming Needs Once or Twice a week
Club Recognition
  • AKC Classification: Hound
  • UKC Classification: Scenthond
Highlights of this Breed Live indoor with the human family, Not Suited for cold, damp climates, Socialization & Training must for Bull Terriers
Similar Dogs Basset Hound, Whippet, Dachshund, English FoxHound


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