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Best and Worst Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

You have finally decided to get your first canine companion. There are some dog breeds that are better suited for a first timer than others. Whereas, there are some dog breeds that you should never purchase if you do not have prior experience of dog care and these dog breeds are considered as the worst for the first timers. In this article, we’ve created a list of top six best and worst dogs for the first-time owners.

Best breed for the First Time Owners:

1.Golden Retriever


Golden retriever stands first in the list and it is well suited for those people who have never had a dog in their family. These dogs are gentle, sweet-natured, and eager to please as well as they are very playful and affectionate. You should keep in mind that the thick coat of Golden retriever does require regular brushing and bathing.

2.Cane Corso Italiano


While Cane Corso Italiano dogs might look intimidating, these are actually wonderful family companions. Like other Mastiffs, they do grow to be very large but the novice owners face no problem in keeping a Cane Corso. These are extremely low maintenance dogs but still enjoy getting outside with you to play. Instead of docile temperaments, the looks of this breed make it an excellent guard dog as well.

3.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


If you are a first timer and looking for a smaller breed, then Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the best option for you. These dogs are adorable little couch potatoes and they enjoy curling up and relaxing with their owner at any time of the day. They are great for the first timers because they are relatively lazy dogs, although they require regular grooming due to their long coats.



Greyhound dogs are actually more apt to take over your couch space than you had imagined. These incredibly docile canines love to sleep. They need regular exercise, and they are also great running companions. In addition to this, Greyhound dogs are one of the most low maintenance breeds around.

5.Bichon Frise


Bichon frise dogs are quite popular for both experienced and novice owners. It is no surprise; they have excellent temperaments that make them wonderful family companions. Furthermore, they require low maintenance, and they need only regular grooming and a daily walk. However, they do need plenty of love and cuddles and love.



Poodles are also considers the best breed for the first time owners. They come in following three sizes:

  • Standard (over 15 inches tall at the shoulder)
  • Miniature (over 10 and under 15 inches tall)
  • Toy (10 inches and under)

No matter the size, though, these dogs are recognized for their energy and sense of fun. You should keep in mind that these dogs’ curly coat needs regular care.


Worst breed for the First Time Owners:

1.Border Collie


This breed of dogs is considered as the “workaholic” of the dog world. These dogs are highly driven and extremely energetic. This dog breed thrives when it has space to run and a job to do. They also require much more exercise than a walk around the block or a quick romp in the yard. If you do not know how to keep this breed sufficiently stimulated, exercised and occupied, this dog breed may develop various behavioural issues.

2.Cane Corso


This breed of dogs is trained as a wild boar hunter and property watchdog in Italy. They are large, strong dogs with a strong will and dominant nature. If this breed is not able to establish itself as leader of the household, the owner runs the risk of 120-pound Cane Corso ruling the roost. Because of its instinct as a guardian, this breed form strong bonds with its owners and can be very protective over them.

3.Skye Terrier


Skye Terrier is a courageous, sensitive breed that likes to do its own thing. These dogs can be stubborn and wary of people and dogs it does not know. They are comfortable in living indoors as a companion dogs. This breed of dogs also requires regular outdoor activity. With large hair that can grow over his face and eyes, Skye Terrier requires regular brushing and bathing to prevent mats, making its grooming needs a bit too much for the first time owners.

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Though these are extremely affectionate dogs, the take-charge nature of these dogs makes them essential for the pet owners to be the undisputed boss in their home. Known for their one of the strongest noses in the world, these dogs will always want to follow their nose and may pull a novel owner regularly on the leash to follow a new scent. Like other hounds, this breed of dogs often alerts its owners of nearby danger (real or perceived) and is also prone to chasing rodents and other small animals.

5.Treeing Walker Coonhound


These dogs are known for their competitive spirit, extreme endurance, and desire to perform. The Treeing Walker Coonhound is a good hunter but may not be ideal for the first-time owners. Initially bred to track and tree wild raccoons, these dogs have competitive spirit and requires regular activity in order to stay in shape and are best suited for the families that lead an active lifestyle. Though these dogs are condiment, intelligent and social, novel owners may not be prepared for their desire to chase small game.

6.Australian Cattle Dog

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It is a loyal breed of dogs that loves to play and work. These dogs fare best in the country with a job to do, like obedience, herding or agility. This breed of dogs can be stubborn, as they were bred to work and can also become restless without a job to do. Full of energy and intelligent, these dogs require plenty of exercise on daily basis and can be wary of the strangers. Although this breed of dogs bonds closely with its family, the owner must establish himself as the pack leader in order to promote a harmonious household.


Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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