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7 Best Dog Treats In India That Your Dogs Will Go Crazy For

Best Dog Treats In India

Dog Treats play a vital role in shaping the overall behaviour of your lovely dogs. The reason for this is because food is a great motivator for all dogs and they will do anything to get a bite of their favourite snack. This makes treats the most effective reward, when it comes to teaching tricks and commands to the dogs.

In this blog, you will see seven of the best dog treats in India that are known to be absolutely yummy for the dogs, irrespective of the breed they belong to. All the brands you will see below are pioneers in making top quality treats that instill superb health in the dogs.

Also, a great thing about commercially produced treats is that they are available in dry, crunchy biscuits, semi-moist sticks, strips and shapes. The different forms of the treat allows the customers to buy them according to the size and lifestage of the dog they are owning.

So, here are the best treats in India, which are not only cost-friendly, but also nutritious and yummy for your lovely pooch. Let us see them one by one,

Pedigree Dentastix

One of the best dog treats around, Pedigree Dentastix not only provides your dogs with all the essential nutrients, but also boosts their overall dental hygiene as well. The unique X-shape of this treat cleans tartar between the dog’s teeth and also gets rid of the problem of bad breath. They are available for small, medium and large breed dogs.

You should know that Pedigree as a pet food manufacturer uses the best quality approved ingredients in its food, which makes it one of the sought-after brands in India.

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Jerhigh Treats

If your dogs love chicken, you should probably check out a high quality treat like Jerhigh. All Jerhigh Treats consist of Real Chicken Meat that is prepared in the same standard as human foods, offering great nutrition and taste. These treats are available in a variety of flavours including Carrot, Spinach, Fish, Salami, Beef, Duck, Omelette etc.

Another fantastic product from Jerhigh is a dental care treat known as Den-T-Stick. This treat is produced from fine quality ingredients, fortified with 5 benefits; Healthy teeth, Deep clean in-between, Fresh breath, Removing Plaque and Tartar and Preventing Gum Infection.

Your dog is going to absolutely cherish this treat.

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When it comes to nurturing good behaviour in puppies, Goodies Treat is second to none. Apart from fulfilling the nutritional requirements of your dogs, Goodies treat provide enough energy so that your dogs remain active and agile. This is a treat which is ideal for all breeds of dogs.

You will also find a Goodie Treat called Calcium Triple which helps in strengthening the bones and joints of your dog, owing to its excellent calcium content. This treat also includes FOS prebiotics that facilitates healthy digestion in the pups and also a higher nutrient absorption.

The best thing about Goodies Treat is that it is extremely palatable for dogs and therefore is ideal for training purposes.

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Another gem of a treat, Choostix never fails to make  your dogs drool whenever they see this treat. This brand has been in the Indian market for over 15 years and has adopted International Standards to ensure superior quality in the treats.

Choostix Dog Treat comes in a variety of flavours, including Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Eggs etc. All these treats contain Omega 3 fatty acids that boost the skin and coat health of your dogs. Moreover, its meat content provides the dogs with enough protein for building strong muscle mass as well as endurance.

The latest addition in Choostix are the neatly packed Biskies that satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew things. They are immensely yummy and will surely entice your dog’s taste buds.

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Gnawlers is a premium quality brand that offers dog bones, chews, treats and snacks for all breeds of dogs. Their food products are made from high quality rawhide granules, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. Moreover, all its treats are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that bolsters the overall immunity of your dogs.

The treats from Gnawlers are offered in various sizes to suit the appetite of your dog (small, medium or large breed) as well as their chewing tendencies (mild, medium or aggressive).

Some of the best treats of Gnawlers include Vegetable Bone, Oat Bone Dog Treat, Calcium Milk Bone, Seaweed Dog Treat, Dental Pure Treat etc. to name a few.

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Chip Chops

Chip Chops brand is known for making fine quality snacks and chews that keeps your dogs motivated to learn new things. The treats from this brand are tiny, short and delightfully crunchy which suits almost all breeds of dogs. The snacks and chews of Chip Chops are available in a wide variety of flavours including Chicken, Duck, Sweet Potato, Fish and other tasty combinations.

Also, Chip Chops are known to be one of the tastiest snacks around for training the dogs effectively.

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Pet Lovers Crunch Biscuits

If you are looking for a treat that is affordable and nutritious at the same time, then look no further than Pet Lovers Crunch Biscuits. The best thing about these biscuits is that they can be fed to dogs of all life stages including puppies (above 6 months). All the crunchy biscuits from Pet Lovers are fortified with essential minerals like Calcium, Iron and Zinc for keeping robust bones and joints in the dogs.

Moreover, they come in a totally air-tight package to preserve the taste as well as nutrition of the biscuits for a very long-time.

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All in All

Hope you got a fair idea regarding the type of treat you should be feeding your lovely dog. Once you start rewarding them, you will be unlocking the hidden potential of your dog you have never seen before. Lastly you should know that Treats not only boost your dog’s health but also play a huge role in instilling positive behaviour in them.

If you want to know more about dog snacks, treats, chews and bones, please feel free to contact us at PetsWorld.


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