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Best Indestructible Dog Toys: Playing Rough!

It is a well known fact that dogs chew. Chewing is very natural to the dogs, similar to wagging their tails. Toys are an integral part of a dog’s health, working of the brain and developing compassion with the owner. Dogs love their toys and so they even love destroying them. All toys are not made for all types of dogs. Some of the dogs are so rough on their toys that they need toys which are indestructible and durable. It is not at all an easy task to find a toy that is persistent and can stand a strong dog bite of your dog. In addition, sometimes the dog toys that claim to be durable are just not durable at all.


It is funny and irritating to purchase a new toy for your dog, only to realise that it has been destroyed into pieces just in five minutes by your dog. To assist you in finding a great indestructible dog toy, here is a list of some of the best dog toys which you will not find ripped in to pieces after your dog has played for an hour with them and you might just want to try them at least-

1. Solid Rubber toys- In the dog toy category, rubber solid dog toys are considered to be the best and the toughest of all. They are especially designed for dogs that play hard and are almost indestructible. You must have come across the brand “Kong”? In this category of rubber toys, Kong toys are available which are considered to be the safest and extremely durable even if the dog chews them. Although, the Kong toys are a bit expensive ones, but are made up of very high quality materials and is an extremely trusted brand. Genuinely, hard rubber toys are the best buy that you can get for your dog! There is no such toy which can be referred to as completely “indestructible” because every toy has to come to an end, but some toys that can last for months are of good quality hard rubber, considered to be the most durable dog toys in the toy market.


2. The next category of dog toys does not contain solid rubber material, but are equally durable for the aggressive chewers. Such dog toys are made from unique compounds which usually contain the properties of “Rubber”.

3. Indestructible Frisbees and discs– For the serious chewers, there are four indestructible ones, Kong extreme flyer, Star mask easy Dura foam disc, Chewber Tug and Toss and Dura Doggie disc.

4. Squeaky dog toys There are some squeaky toys that might not turn out to be the best toys for the dogs who chew a lot. Squeaky toys can be both consumable and destructible. So, do not allow your dog to play with the squeaky toy unsupervised or else he will turn into a destructive chewer.


5. Plush toys– Initially plush dog toys were very easily getting destructed by the aggressive chewer canines. Now, the marketers are acting smart and designing stuffed animal toys that are made up of superior quality and cannot be destroyed easily by the dogs. The superior quality plush toys for dogs usually have double or triple stitched seams, more durable material as well as thicker threads. Some of the most soft plush dog toys in general are- Tuffy, Multi pet, Sherpa pet, Kyjen etc.

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6. Hard plastic dog toys– This category of indestructible dog toys ranks lower in priority for those owners who do not prefer abused and scratched toys. But if looks are not at all important to you in choosing a toy for your canine, then these hard plastic toys are the best for your chewer.

7. Squeaky tennis balls All the dogs love playing with tennis balls. And what else? They are very cheap and you can purchase them again and again if your dog simply shreds it. Although these balls are not completely indestructible, but recently there are some balls available in the market which contain squeaker in them. This squeaker discourages the dogs to not to open the balls and hence, they refrain from destroying the squeaky tennis balls. They think that the squeaky tennis balls are playing with them indeed. So, if you own an aggressive chewer, but he simply adores tennis balls, then you must try a ball which has a squeaker inside.

8. Fibrous and strong rope style toys– From the point of view of durability, these toys are the best buy as the material is strong enough to be not chewed and it is proven and tested.


Thus, indestructible dog toys help in keeping your dog or puppy happy for a longer duration and at the same time save a lot of money. If you own a dog, then strong, sturdy and safe dog toys are surely a necessity!



Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.


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