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Best Pet Friendly Road Travel Tips. How to drive safely with dogs!

Planning a road trip with your dog? We have essential tips to make your travel extremely safe and fun experience with your canine. The resulting celebratory memories of the holiday will last you and your best pal a lifetime.


Visit before you VROOM!

Take your dog to your trusted veterinarian for the expert advice before you dash out of the city. You will be sure that all the immunizations are up to date and no general health issues in your pet are unattended to, consult the doctor with the details of your travel like the total travelling time, the kind of terrain etc. A ride to hills can cause unease in some dogs due to the change in the altitude and your regular veterinary doctor will certainly suggest with cautions and remedies that will work with your dog. Ample rest before travelling and good health advice will ensure that the dog enjoys his excursion.

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Add a WAG Pack! Make a separate bag containing all essentials for your pet to avoid clutter and confusion during travel. It’s also a wise decision to be mindful of good vets in the area chosen for vacationing. Try including this list of essential items to include when travelling with your dog:
1. A Leak Proof Dog Water Bottle.

2.  Dog Treat Waist Pouch and your dog’s favorite treat. We Guarantee, It will come in handier than you think.
3. A good quality Pet Seat Belt to ensure travel safety for your dog.

4. Car Boot Barricade for Dogs make for safe space for pets and is a viable option if you own or have borrowed an SUVs (with spacious Boot Space) for the road trip.
5. Car Seat Cover for pets – Incase your pet is travelling in the back seat, a good quality waterproof seat cover must cover your back seat generously with an ease of removing and fixing it.

6. Poop Scoopers and Dog Poop Bags, because Shit Happens!

Plan Regular Stopovers!

Incase you are traveling by road and the journey involves a long travel time, then frequent stopovers become extremely imperative. Your dog needs to urinate every few hours and walk around a bit. It may even feel the need to defecate. A brief stop over at any pet friendly park en route to the destination will not just give your pooch a little physical stimulation but also help it to acquaint better to new surroundings. Thus, traveling long distance with your dog will be a smooth ride.


Get a certified crash proof Dog Travel Crate for car.

Housing your furry paw in a good quality pet crate during the course of a long journey by road is by far the safest and most comfortable way for your dog to travel by car. Due to a sense of security and familiarity your pet dog might want to use this enclosure for dozing off at night in the hotel room.

Is your dog prone to car sickness?

To avoid this you must feed your dog a few hours before you start the journey. Take your beloved for a long walk before you board the car and take off.


General Advice for safe travel with pets

Have you booked your stay in a Dog Friendly hotel/campsite/resort?

We always tend to book our stay in an accommodation that is cosseted by good locales and offers its patrons exclusive amenities. But when our travel buddy is a much-loved four legged brat, we may look at the reservation process in a different way. Contact some pet friendly hotel chains and find out about their policies pertaining to dogs and its various breeds in advance.

Take stock of the weather

If it’s a region that will be colder than what your pet is used to, you ought to pack winter dog jackets or coats and sweatshirts. Incase you are heading to the beach then you may want to pack some vibrant dog t-shirts to go with the frivolous vibe of the settings.

Inquire about a dog boarding in the vicinity

There may be several occasions when you will have to leave your pet behind while exploring the vacation spot/destination. Our relatives or friends might be residing in the particular region; we may be obligated to visit them as well. Therefore it becomes very important to leave our dog in a professional dog day care center while we rendezvous with the beauty of the area or our comrades.

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Get an ID tag for the dog’s collar

List the cell phone number that you will be using in the course of the trip along with a local emergency number of a native friend or relative. Heaven forbid if your dog actually gets lost, you will be able to trace him quickly with the help of all the updated information you put on the tag.

Maintain a routine for your pet that is consistent

Your four legged accomplice will be able to get comfortable with the change of scene once introduced to a routine similar to that followed at home. Try and feed the pet dog at about the same time and also walk him/her according to a schedule it is used to back home.

A quick check on Items to be included in your dog’s backpack

Food bowl, dog treats, dry dog food, water bottle and bowl, blanket, essential clothing such as winter dog coat or dog t-shirt, towel, medications, poop bags, dog grooming products (shampoo, brush, flea comb and so on) and insect repellant or sun block cream for dogs.

Next What? Pet set go with your pooch and create beautiful memories for life and enjoy the special time together with your pet before you get back to the grind.

Happy Road Trip to you!


The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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