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Bombay Cat Information

Bombay Cats are tolerant and easygoing felines. They like greeting your visitors and gets along well with the dogs, children and other pets. Having reputation as a lap cat, they can also play active games such as fetching. If you don’t have the desire to interact with him frequently or enough time, don’t own these cats because they love owner’s attention and want to be involved themselves in everything they do.

Bombay Black Cat

General Information

Breed Name Bombay Cat
Origin USA
Other Names Small black Panther
Lifespan 9-13 years
Description The body is supple and elongated yet robust
Height/Length 8-10 inches
Weight 8-12 lbs. (female); 12+ lbs. (male)
Temperament Affectionate, Dependent, Gentle, Intelligent, Playful
Coat Color Coat is black. The eyes are either yellow or copper in color
Coat Characteristics Short, close-lying and satiny
What to Feed Recommended daily amount: 3 to 6 cups of high-quality cat food, divided into two meals.
Ideal Food Premium brand dry kibble
Grooming Occasional grooming required keeping coat in good shape. Grooming prevents matting, removes dead hair, and stimulates circulation.
Vocalization This cat is known to be vocal. Undesirable and excessive crying or meowing, especially at night, may irritate you.
Exercise need These felines like to engage themselves in activities. Spend 10-15 minutes with them several times a day. Daily exercise helps in maintaining body weight and keep its muscles strong and toned
Health Concerns Craniofacial Defect
Type of home Apartment is OK
Grooming Needs Occasional grooming is advised to keep its coat in good shape. Regular grooming can be good, as it removes hair, prevents matting, and stimulates circulation.
Attributes low maintenance, minimal shedding, generally healthy, frequent vocalization, attention seeking, very active, good with others
Similar Cats Burmese, American Shorthair

Star Rating:

Characteristics Stars Characteristics Stars
Kids Friendly star star star star star Social Needs star star star star
Friendly with other Cats star star star star star Stranger Friendly star star star star
Need of Exercise star star star Level of Shedding star star star
Grooming Requirement star Intelligence and Trainability star star star star star
Adaptability to environment star star star star star Playfulness star star star star star
Affection Level star star star star star Health Related Issues star star star
Apartment Friendly star star star star star