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Boxer Dog Breed Information

The Boxer dog is a medium sized dog. The dogs of this breed are getting popular because of its brave, obedient and agile nature. Also, it remains very happy while being with kids. The origin of this dog breed lies in Germany which was primarily meant to be used in military for protection.


It is a dog breed popular for hunting and holding the prey. Because of its activeness, energy and intelligence, they are perfectly suited for being competent for any of the dog sport or for obedience, etc. So, just continue reading and get more detailed information about this dog breed..

Breed Name Bearded Collie Dog
Origin Germany
Lifespan 10-12 years
Breed Group working dogs
Size Type Large Breed Dog
Height Males 23- 25 inches and Females- 21.5-23.5 inches
Weight Males : 65-70 lbs and Females: 55-60 lbs
Temperament Intelligent, obedient, agile, brave, active, dignified
Coat Color Fawn and brindle
Coat characteristics Shirt, smooth and shiny that is lying very tight to the body.
What to feed An average of 1 to 2 bowls of a good quality meal is advised by a veterinarian for an adult boxer dog. This required quantity of food must be provided to it in three equal halves in a day. Also, while feeding puppies, one must take care that a new born puppy must be fed with soupy meals and with an increase in its age, some solid meals should be added in its diet.
Litter Size 6-8 puppies, average 10 puppies or more are also expected.
Training needs Some positive reinforcement activities must be done to train it.
Living Conditions The boxer dog remains a bit satisfied while being in the apartment. They remain active while being at the home and require a yard that is large in size. They love to remain outside the home.
Exercise requirement Boxer dog breed requires vigorous exercise. Also, it requires to be taken for a long walk regularly. The dogs of this breed ar very affectionate towards the kids as well as its companion pets.
Health Concerns Hip Dysplasia, epilepsy, thyroid, arthritis, problem of nee and back, cardiomyopathy,
Bred For Originally Bearded Collie was bred for hunting and holding the prey.

Star Rating:

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Trainability star star star
Health   star star star
All-round friendliness star star star star
Exercise Needs star star star star star
Apartment friendly   star star star star
Affection level star star star star star
Grooming star

Some important facts about the boxer dogs:

1. It is a dog which has been used by the military for protection during the First World War.

2. The boxer dogs were bred at their initial stages as the working dogs and they were later meant for hunting and holding the prey.

3. In the year 1915, they were firstly recognized by the AKC.

4. It has been observed that the Boxer dog is meant to suffer from a number of health problems. So, for preventing them and to make them remain protected, it has been seen that most of the dogs visit a veterinarian in a year.

5. You can easily own a boxer dog by spending an average price of more than US$ 1500 over its life time.

Is the Boxer Dog right breed for you?

A Boxer dog is a perfect choice, if an individual wants to own a dog that: A Boxer Dog may be considered as an imperfect choice for an individual, who wishes to own a dog that:
· Is medium in size and is stubborn and brave by nature.· Is intelligent and active.· Is very good in nature and easy to be considered as a family member.· Is very friendly and affectionate with other breeds.· Is a dog that requires occasional brushing and needs to be bathed as and when required.

· Is very cheap to buy.

· Needs exercising to be done on a regular basis.· Requires frequent combing and brushing· Needs an owner with alert nature devoting special attention towards it. 




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More information on the Boxer Dog:


The Boxer dog breed has been originated in Germany in the late 19th century. The dogs of this breed were developed to be as working dogs. Their ancestral belongings are the dogs of bull family including the bulldog, bull terrier, etc. The existence of these dogs can also be seen in the late sixteenth or seventeenth centuries, although the modern review states that they have only existed for a century. The first Boxer got born in the year 1880,when a Man living in Munich imported a brindle bullenbeisser from France by the name of Flora, whose offspring became the foundation for the breed of the Boxer dogs. The boxer dog derived its name by the way it stands, appearing it as if it is fighting with its paws.


The Boxer dog is a dog with medium size and square shaped structure. The boxer has a very strong muzzle with an extension of lower jaw beyond the upper jaw. It has a well proportioned head with wrinkled forehead, a broad nose in black colour. Its ears are set at the point towards the skull and eyes in dark brown colour. Straight front legs, strong muscled back legs, small tail which is generally docked and is set high. The boxer is very obedient, brave and agile dog being very loyal to its owner. Because of its intelligence and obedient nature; it is quite easy to train the dogs of this breed as they are a bit responsive towards the commands.



Boxers are somehow different from its appearance. They look very imposing, but are very friendly by nature. They are very loving and playful with the children and family. The dogs of this breed are highly energetic, being dubbed in an adult; their desire of playing as a puppy does not end. They are very cooperative, as they are ready to adjust in small spaces as well to stay with the ones they love. The boxers are considered as an excellent watch dog, as it works as an alarm that someone strange is approaching. They are also affectionate with their companion pets.


The Boxer dog breed is generally considered safer and healthier unlike other breeds, but it has been observed that they tend to suffer from several health problems like other breeds of the dogs. It is not essential that every boxer will suffer from all these diseases, but it is good to get a complete information of all these diseases in detail before choosing the one:

Hip Dysplasia

A hereditary situation in which the thigh bone of the dog does not match with its hip joint is referred to as the problem of hip dysplasia. As an effect the dogs may feel lameness and leg pain. One should ask its breeder to provide with a proof showing that the dog owned by you does not suffer from any disease.


Like all other breeds of dogs, the Boxer dog is also prone to suffer from allergies. These allergies are basically caused due to certain food items that being taken or by contacting with someone.


A situation in which low level of hormones are produced by the thyroid glands is called the hypothyroidism. Its basic effect results in infertility. Also, the fur on the body becomes coarse and brittle and begins falling. The skin gets tough and hard. Once started its medications needs to be continued throughout its lifetime.


The dead hair from the body of a boxer can be removed by just brushing it occasionally and keeping its coat in very good condition. They require to be a companion of humans. They must not be kept outside the home to live. Also, they need water at moderate temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot. Some boxers have the ability to snore or drool. They have an average life of 10-12 years. They remain fit in their old age as well because of its athletic, energetic and playful nature.


It is recommended to provide a Boxer with an average of 1 to 2 cups of a high quality food rich in proteins, which needs to be given in three meals in a day. In the very beginning a new born puppy must be kept on soupy meals then later an addition of solids to its diet must be made. A boxer must be fed in such a way to maintain its metabolism and activity levels as well as building its size and age.


The boxer is a dog breed taking care of rich is quite easy. It needs to be used once in a weeks in order to keep its coat smooth and shiny. Also, for it’s brushing a firm bristle brush or a rubber curry brush must be used. This helps in keeping its hair shiny and healthy and also in removal of dead hair which would be otherwise be done using your clothes or furniture. The boxer dog does not require frequent baths to be given.

It needs to be given a bath when it gets dirty. An individual with the boxer as a pet must keep in mind that if he/she wants to give it a bath every week, then the bathe must be provided using gentle dog shampoos, so that its coat could be protected from any kind of harm. Also, its nails should be trimmed when it is required. Its ears must be cleaned with a solution, which is provided by a veterinarian.


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