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Bulldog Nutrition:Complete Feeding Guide For Bulldog Owners

If you provide your bulldog access to the food for all day, he will eat until he falls ill. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on what your dog is eating. Correct eating will make sure that your bulldog is living a healthy and happy life. Also, proper feeding saves your Bulldog from diseases and strengthens his immune system.


Knowing the basics:

You should provide your Bulldog a pan with flat bottom and straight sides to make sure that your dog eats comfortably. Using a bowl made up of stainless steel is better as it has a linger life than a plastic bowl. A plastic bowl should not be used for food or water. Stainless steel bowls can be easily cleaned and have less bacteria as compared to a plastic bowl.

To answer in a nutshell, 3/2 to 2 cups of high quality food per day is ideal for Bulldogs. The food should be given in two meals.

However, the amount of food which should be fed to bulldogs depends on his age activity level, metabolism and build. Every dog has individual requirements. The diet of bulldogs should have a mix of sources which provide adequate proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins.


How many times should I feed my Bulldog?

The number of times a Bulldog should be fed varies in different stages of his life. The following table illustrates how many times a dog should be fed at various ages:

Age Meal Frequency
0-3 months 4 times a day
3-6 months 3 times a day
6-12 months 2 times a day
Above 1 year 1-2 times a day

 Bulldogs are big time eaters and should never be free-fed. Free feeding makes bulldogs obese. Scheduled feeding makes their digestion good and promotes healthy eating habits.

Selecting the right food for Bulldog:

  • Keep the following things in mind when selecting the appropriate commercial food for your Bulldog:
  • Primary ingredient should be quality meat such as chicken, lamb, fish, beef etc.
  • Make sure that there is no soy is the dog food for Bulldog. Some Bulldogs are allergic to soy.
  • There shouldn’t be fillers in the food
  • The food should have healthy fats
  • The dog food you are selecting for your bulldog should have good sources of carbohydrates
  • You can feed biscuits as treats to your bulldog. Rawhide bones should be avoided

Weight Management:

Bulldogs are prone to obesity due to their small size. If you won’t monitor his food intake, he will son gain weight. Obesity can lead to various health problems in bulldog and affect its health heavily. It is advisable not to feed your Bulldog a treat until he earns it. If you can’t feel his ribs without pressing hard when you place your hand on his back and spread your fingers downward, it means the dog is obese.

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Taking your dogs on regular walks and cutting his meal will help.

Avoid these foods:

    • Soy
    • Onions
    • Sodas
    • Scallions
    • Chocolate and coffee
    • Avocado
    • Salty food
    • Hops
    • Raw or Undercooked Meat
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  • Shallots
  • Bones
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Garlic
  • Bread Dough
  • Moldy Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Milk


Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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