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Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta is a blanket term for all breeds of fighting dog in Pakistan. These large muscular Mastiff dogs are found mostly in Pakistan and their name is derived from the Hindi word Bohli meaning “heavily wrinkled” and Kutta meaning “dog”. This breed was developed during the British Colonial rule in India and primarily used for sporting purposes.

Why It is Also Known As the Indian Alangu Mastiff?

The Bully Kutta is also referred to as the Indian Alangu Mastiff. These dogs are known as Indian Alangu Mastiff due to the fact that these dogs hail from the southern India specifically from Tiruchi and Thanjavur districts. Although this dog breed was developed in India, it is most commonly seen and used today in the areas that belong to Pakistan therefore it is also known as Pakistani Mastiff. Some other information about this breed is as follows:

Breed Name Bully Kutta
Origin India, Pakistan
Other Names Bully Kutta, South Asian Mastiff, Pakistani Bully Dog, Sindhi Mastiff, Bully
Lifespan 8 – 10 years
Breed Type Giant dog breeds
Height Male: 76–107 cm; Female: 76–91 cm
Weight Male: 70–90 kg; Female: 70–90 kg
Temperament Aggressive, Protective
What to Feed 4 – 10 cups of nutritious dry food a day, divided into two meals
How To Take Care They are short coated breed of dogs which signifies that they would not require extensive coat maintenance. Occasional brushing of coat will be adequate to maintain the good condition.
Litter size     6-8
Apartment Friendly Yes
Children Friendly Yes
Coat Type Short
Coat Colors White, Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Black, Red
Health Concern hip dysplasia, both hypothyroid and autoimmune thyroiditis, skin problems, eye problems
Hypoallergenic Breed No
Space Requirements Needs a lot of Space
Trainability Difficult to Train
Energy Level Medium Energy
Grooming Rarely
Protective Ability Very Protective



The Bully Kutta is very muscular and thick boned breed of dogs. This breed has a short smooth coat which is usually white in color, however black, fawn, harlequin, red and brindle markings varies in different dogs. The muzzle of this breed is black, and the mouth and skin around the neck is loose. Their brisket is deep, and limbs are well muscled. The back of this dog breed is long with the tail tapering to the fine point. The Bully Kutta has a long and graceful stride.


These dogs are known for their aggressive and protective temperament; therefore, they have a strong guarding instinct. With proper socialization at an early stage, these dogs can become good companion dogs. They are not recommended for timid dog owners or first time dog owner. With their great strength and large size, these dogs need experienced owner who can provide suitable training that these dogs require.


Clipping hair of this breed can have a negative effect on its re-growth, instead a method called stripping is recommended for this breed. In stripping, hair that is blown, or growing out and dead, is removed by hand. As a short coated breed, the Bully Kutta is a moderate shedder and needs only occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush in order to keep him looking neat. You should give them nail trims on regular basis to keep their feet in good condition.



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