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Buy/Sell/Adopt Boxer Pups – Well Vaccinated, Available All Over India

Boxer puppies are available for sale in Delhi/NCR. Find healthy and vaccinated boxer puppies in India at highly discounted prices.

One of most popular dogs in America, Boxer is a sweet, silly and mischievous dog that likes to clown around with its human companions. A well-socialized and well-bred boxer is friendly with kids and people he knows. These dogs can be suspicious and alert, but not so aggressive with the strangers. They love to walk, play game or spend some quality time on the sofa with you. These dogs are wonderful options for those owners who can train them firmly, consistently and fairly.


Boxer price in Delhi/NCR and All Over India – Buy Boxer Dog

Boxers are available in the price range starting from INR 6000 to 50,000. You can easily purchase it from the certified dog breeders in Delhi/NCR. But, don’t purchase it from puppy mill or puppy shop because dog breeding is not hygienic at these places and dogs purchased from these places are often prone to various diseases. It is also recommended to see proper health certificate of parents of puppy to avoid chances of genetic disorders.

Boxer dog breed information

Breed Name Boxer
Origin Germany
Other Names Deutscher Boxer, German Boxer
Lifespan 9 -12 years
Breed group Working dog breeds (AKC)
Height Female: 21–24 inches (53–60 cm)Male: 22–25 inches (56–63 cm)
Weight Female: 23–27 kgMale: 30–34 kg
Temperament Intelligent, Playful, Friendly, Loyal, Energetic, Devoted, Calm, Confident, Cheerful, Fearless, Brave, Bright
What to Feed Recommended daily amount should be 2 to 3 cups of nutritious dry food per day, which is divided into two meals.
Shedding These dogs shed a negligible amount
Litter size     6-8 puppies
Friendliness They are friendly with kids and other animals
Coat Colours Fawn, Brindle, White
Health Concern Major Concerns– Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Cardiomyopathy, Subaortic Stenosis (SAS)
Minor Concerns– Colitis, Gastric Torsion, Corneal Erosion, Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, Tumors
Occasionally Seen– None
Suggested Tests– Cardiac, Hip
Hypoallergenic Breed No
Space Requirements They do okay in an apartment
Trainability Training will not require too much effort, as they are intelligent dogs.
Energy Level Very energetic
Grooming Their coat requires minimal grooming. You can enhance the natural sheen of their coat by weekly rubbing. They are clean dog therefore don’t require frequent bath. Rest is brushing their teeth daily and trimming their nails per month.
Exercise needs More than 40 minutes/day
Bred for Bull-baiting, guardian
Club recognition AKC Classification: Working; UKC Classification: Guardian Dog
Notable Features Brachycephalic (squashed face), floppy ears (naturally), droopy eyes
Breed Overview Low Maintenance, Minimal Shedding, Moderately Easy Training, Good Watchdog Ability, Low Adaptability, Fairly Active, Good with Kids


Is Boxer Breed for you?

Boxer may be right for you if you want a dog who: Boxer may not be right for you if you don’t want to deal with:
· Comes in medium to large size, with a rugged “masculine” build· Sheds very less and require minimal grooming· Loves to play and romp·Is reliable with everyone· Looks imposing · Exuberant jumping and rowdiness when young· Aggression toward other dogs (usually of the same sex)· A strong-will of his own, require a confident owner· Wheezing, snorting, snoring· Drooling and slobbering· Gassiness (flatulence)

· Short lifespan


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