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Cat Grooming Tips and Techniques

Kittens sit in a bag

If you have a cat as a pet at your home, besides enjoying her company, you need to take care of her grooming needs as well. Certain grooming tips can help you a lot in this regard. Before moving further, it is important to ensure that one must start brushing cats from the time when they were just kittens. This will make them used to this activity.

The body of the cats is quite flexible and supple and this feature makes it possible for the owner to reach different parts of the body with ease. Proper grooming help the cat to stay totally clean and her hair stays tangle free. The cat loves to stay clean and if you can help her in staying clean, she will feel more active and fresh. The following grooming tips can be used when grooming your cat-

1.The grooming activity should not be rushed, particularly if you have brought an adult cat to your home who is not accustomed to this activity. Gradually introduce them to this activity.

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2. You must start with grooming when the cat is feeling relaxed and is in a content mood. Initially, keep the grooming session limited to 5-10 minutes and later you can increase the time. Immediately stop if you think that your cat is not enjoying the session.

3.Brushing must also be carried out on a regular basis as it will help in removing dirt and dead hair. This way, tangles can be removed. Brushing must always be done in the direction where its hair naturally grows.

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4. The chest and belly areas of the cat are extra delicate, so you need to be extra gentle in these areas. A metal comb with fine tooth must be used for this purpose. The comb can be used by running it from the head to the tail of the cat’s fur. A soft rubber or bristle brush van be used for this purpose.

5.Grooming on a regular basis ensures that the problem of cat fleas, which is quite common in pets is kept at bay. While brushing, if you find small specks looking like pepper, you can know that the cat suffers from the problem of fleas.

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 6. Bathing cats is a great challenge and particularly, if your cat is quite averse to the idea. Use a high quality shampoo for bathing your cat. Bath her lovingly so that she looks forward to bath time instead of running away from the very sight of water.

Following the above mentioned tips and techniques may help to groom your cat perfectly.


From Delhi, Rahul is an animal lover at heart. He is a writer and most of his writing revolves around making people aware of animal issues like health, training and grooming.

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