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7 Signs that Indicate Pain in Your Cat

Are you a cat parent? If yes, then you must be aware that these royal fur balls have only three modes such as, devil form, cuddle time purring and doesn’t care about anything attitude.  However, according to expert..

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7 New Year Goals to Achieve For the Pet

How about starting the year on a selfless note? Well good done to others is good done to oneself! We all have New Year dreams and resolutions for ourselves. How about including our pets in our New Year..

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10 Christmas Gifts to quirk up your pets. #SantaPaw

T’is the season of gifting presents and bestowing warmth! Are you one of those who never forget to surprise his pet with rewards it truly enjoys but have grown bored with clichéd gifting ideas and raring to digress from..

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Know all about the different cat beds on offer

There are several types of cat beds on offer and it’s time for cat parents to make the right pick for the winter season to suit their feline family. Cats, young and old love to keep warm and..

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Donald Trump v/s Dogs in “Who wore it Better”

Donal Trump the  US Presidential Candidate’s hair do is all over internet kick started by a 3 year old Boxer, Spud taking part in a contest that was put together recently by Banana Moon Clothing, an online retail firm..

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These Foods are harmful for your Pet Cat.

Common food items such as Raw Fish/Meat/Eggs and Milk can wreck havoc on your cat’s healthy digestive system. The cat’s metabolism is not only very different from humans but also dogs. You may think that cats and dogs are..

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Seven Ways to Immortalize your Pets.

The harsh reality that accompanies each pet is their short lives. Each of us have or will be confronted by this grim situation where you need to cope with the loss of a long cherished companion. Sometimes it..

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Why does my CAT run frantically around the house?

When you see your cat zooming past you at the speed of light, don’t get boggled, the feline is simply reverting to its natural impulse. This cat behavior referred to as ‘zoomies’ or ‘kitty crazies’ could be due to varied..

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All you need to know about Cat Litter boxes

Simple tips to promote desirable toilet training for cats. Image Credit Cats love litter boxes that are easily accessible! Cats very naturally get drawn to a litter box, there’s simply no need to teach or tell a..

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Cat Care Tips: Is your Pet cat summer happy?

It’s that time of the year again when the sun shines fiercely and the temperature seemingly rises indefinitely. Extreme summers can be a grueling experience not just for humans but their pets as well. Below mentioned are ways..

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