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Cat Pictures

How to keep your cat’s teeth clean?

Want to help your feline maintain a good dental hygiene? Here’s how-> Cats can encounter dental problems just like humans. Bad breadth, tooth-discolorization development of plague, gingivitis, tooth decay, periodontal disease can affect feline mouths. Cats can be..

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The Curious Life of Cat, when you are not home

The pet cat is an independent animal that may not necessarily need its owner to be around at all times to offer the special security & protection. According to Daniel Mills a professor of Veterinary Behavioral medicine at..

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Vintage Pet Pictures reveal why pets are every girl’s best friend | Beautiful Dog photographs!

Generations have evolved over the years but one thing that remains unchanged is the love for pets big and small that human species nurture and swear-by. Uncanny but true is the communion between a mute four legged and..

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Celebrating love, laughter & life – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s week is a celebratory point in time, to rejoice and salute pure love and an inseparable bond. It’s an ode to coupling and banishing loneliness. Spreading love is the only way to multiply happiness and meaning to..

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7 Gifs Shows: When it Comes to Cats, they are Truly Insane!!

Cats are cute, cats are naughty, cats are mischievous, cats are nasty, but it’s all fine as long as it’s mine! Are you a cat lover that goes by the above anthem, then surely you‘ll enjoy witnessing these..

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Top 6 New Year Resolutions for Pet owners in India: Welcome 2016

STAY CALM & FOLLOW YOUR PET !!! in 2016 Dogs and Cats in India are outsmarting humans with their list of clever 2016 New Year Resolutions.  #Year 2016 is here and we all woke up with an extraordinary vigor..

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14 Cats Who Have Found Their Perfect Place to Sit Where They Fits!!

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, once said that – time spent with cats is never wasted. We bring to you these cute, quiet, adorable and wise creatures to charm you and ensure that two minutes of your..

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How Cleverly Cat Can Plan: When You Are Not At Home

Cats are fascinating creatures, they know how we feel. Once Cats are familiar with you, it will become difficult to stop any cat for doing such a naughty things. Its pretty cool how cats can make a plan..

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Seven Notable Qualities That A Cat Have

Cats always entice pet lovers through their cute face and beautiful appearance. Not only this, cats also have some other less-known qualities. Here are some notable qualities of cat: 1.Cats are known for their friendly behavior, owing to..

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17+ Images of Naughty Cats That Will Make You Go Crazy

Cat behavior have always been an attraction among pet lovers, their crazy and funny actions makes us laugh a lot. They are most famous critters on the internet when it comes to talk about hilarious videos and images...

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