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Celebrating love, laughter & life – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s week is a celebratory point in time, to rejoice and salute pure love and an inseparable bond. It’s an ode to coupling and banishing loneliness. Spreading love is the only way to multiply happiness and meaning to an otherwise ordinary existence. Good company always rubs off. Care for a furry paw, you might just end up speaking the language of unconditional love and faithfulness of a rare kind.

1. A beautiful rose for `The One’ who has made my life beautiful.

valentine-puppy-dog-wallpapers [Image Source: ]


2.  You are so caring, and I feel like the luckiest pooch alive to have such a master in my life.

propose day [Image Source:]


3. Deliciously cute! All you need is come back home and treat yourself to this sugary four legged cure to a rough day.

chocolate day [Image Source:]


4. Cuddlesome pet parents embrace this teddy & my love! My owner is cuddlier than any soft toy in the world.

c8 [Image Source:]


5. Awww moment! I love you master for not only the goodness you are made of but also what you turn me into when next to me.

c4 [Image Source:]


6. Feel the Oxytocin rush through your veins! Hugs can work wonders, where words of endearment fail.

c2 [Image Source:]


7. Steal a kiss to Seal the bond! A kiss a day keeps the mood light and spirits high.



8. Smitten by puppy love! Beauty lies in the eyes of the master, “Seeing you in your restful sleep is a moment of bliss for me.”


Let us all raise a toast to pets’ love! Let us take a moment of gratitude to the most loyal companions that have brought a fulfilling friendship and everlasting sweet memories to our lives.




The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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