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#ChampionDogs were #RockStars @ Gurgaon Kennel Club Twin Breed KCI Championship 2016. [Dog Show Photos]

New Year festivities prolonged amongst the Dog Lovers in Delhi NCR when Gurgaon Kennel Club KCI Dog Show unleashed on 3rd January 2016. A visitor myself to this show dog carnival, it was easier to understand why it is one of the most respected Dog Shows in India. In fact it is the only dog show where the club members are prohibited from showing their own dogs.

10 [Image Source:]

Immaculately groomed dogs and their visibly proud owners broke free on the grounds of Salwan Public School in Sector 15 Gurgaon on a Sunday morning while the Gurgaon kennel club organizing committee was the real winner for their perfect execution. Here’ the best of it in photos:

9 [Image Source:]


2 [Image Source:]


1 [Image Source:]


8 [Image Source:]


10 [Image Source:]


3 [Image Source:]


7 [Image Source:]


6 [Image Source:]


4 [Image Source:]


5 [Image Source:]


6 [Image Source:]


7 [Image Source:]


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