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Chinese Biotech Firm Produces Custom-Made Micro Pigs To Sell As Pet

It is very easy for you to obtain a micro pig now. The scientists in China had to conduct a medical research for which they produced a pint sized pig using a gene editing technique. Now the scientists are selling them as pets. Originally, the micro pigs were created for the models of human disease. The micro pigs were edited using a famous gene editing technique which is known as “Talens”. It is a technique involving proteins (Talens), which can target a specific gene and at the same time disable it. They have been gene edited in such a way that they don’t occupy large space as compared to their counterparts, and they also don’t require much food.


The BGI researchers, before producing cloned pigs, used the technique to knock out 1 of the 2 copies of the GHR (growth hormone receptor) in fetal cells. The researchers at BGI have used techniques to modify Bama pigs, which are already so tiny. This procedure leads to the birth and growth of “stunted pigs”, which were further bred with the normal pigs. So, to make these pigs, the researchers cloned Bama pigs and used the technique involving proteins to disable the growth receptor genes hormone. So the cloned pigs did not grow in their normal size. Then some of the cloned male pigs were bred with some of the normal female pigs.

Also, the scientists are of the view that the micro pigs are not exhibiting any of the adverse health complications or effects, even after twenty generations. Further, the micro pigs have already been a part of the study of the gut microbiota as well as the stem cells. They can also be used as a part of the study in Laron syndrome, a kind of dwarfism which is caused by the alteration of the growth hormone receptor gene.

The researchers have already announced that they want to sell these genetically edited micro pigs as pets, and they have already set their initial price at $1600 or 10,000 Yuan each. The researchers also plan on selling these pigs with different colors as well as patterns in the near future. Further, the customers have an option to customize the coat colors as well as patterns of the pigs that they wish to order. The basic idea as to why BGI researchers want to sell these cloned micro pigs is to raise some money for their research.

But if they are supposed to be kept as pets, then simply gene editing is not enough as, if they will not find any place to dig or root, then they might become destructive. Life with micro pig as a pet is completely different. Maybe you are uneducated about the benefits of micro pigs as being your pets. Below are mentioned a few reasons as to why you will need a micro pig as your pet.

Many people love to keep pigs as pets, similar to keeping dogs and cats as pets. They take it as their hobby. However, if you are considering keeping a micro pig as a pet, then you need to check that your home environment, garden etc properly cater to the needs as well as the welfare of the pig as a pet.

Why micro pigs can be chosen to be your adorable pet?

1. They are so diminutive in size that they are able to stand in your hand and you can closely watch their wrinkles.

2. They are so adorable that they will smile at you.

3. They are so helpful that they will be very useful in running your errands and who does not want that?

4. They are really good at accommodating and fitting in with their surroundings.

5. Micro pigs are excellent communicators when it comes to bonding with the other pets, and they will make the cutest and most adorable bonding ever with the other pets.

6. They will cuddle you so sweetly and you will discover that they are the cutest thing that has ever happened to you.

7. They are even capable of eating a birthday cake.

8. They usually itch their little chin.

9. They are an incredible tea party guests and will never let you stay alone.

10. The micro pigs live up to eighteen years long and you need not clean this animal a lot as it does not have a lot of hair.

11. They don’t need much space and require low maintenance. Further, they don’t need long walks as well, all that they need is love and care.

12. They are a very intelligent species and fourth most intelligent breed after man, monkey and the dolphin.

13. Last but not the least; Micro pigs are highly stylish and most suitable as pets.

But some researchers are of the view, that although these micro pigs are undeniably adorable and cute, we still don’t know that whether mutating the DNA of these diminutive animals could lead to any medical problems or not, and the experts are of the opinion that we need certain regulations to make sure that it is done safely. And it is just not the pigs- soon the researchers plan to edit the cats as well as dogs. But technically speaking, gene editing is not different from the conventional breeding techniques, just that it is faster.

You should check your finances, adequate facilities and time required to take care of the micro pigs. And you should not forget to arrange a suitable veterinary care for your beloved micro pig pet. Also, try to be realistic about the size of a micro pig and comply with all the legislations related to pig keeping. So, if you simply love pets, you need to bring in – a micro pig in your house, as it has hit the pet market now. If you are a potential micro pig owner, search about “micro pigs as pets” and get to know about everything that you need to know before keeping a pig as a pet.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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