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Corgis: Dog Breeds in the Corgis Group



The Corgi is a herding dog breed, which originates from Wales.Mainly two breeds in Corgis:

a) Welsh corgi

b) Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

The Welsh corgi has erect ears, and proportional to the equilateral triangle of the head.These dog breeds are  medium in size, and  slightly to a rounded point.


Corgis are very affectionate,prefer to live with family, and tend to follow wherever their owners go. They have a great desire to please their owners, thus making them eager to learn and train.Corgis are more popular in United States.These Dog Breeds expected Life is 12-15 years.Corgis Dog Breeds also used in Plays and Competition.

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Types of Corgis Dog Breeds:


1.Australian Shepherd
2.Basset Hound corgi
3.Beagle corgi
4.Cardigan Welsh corgi
5.Chihuahua corgi
6.Chow-Chow corgi
7.Dachshund corgi
8.Dalamation corgi
9.English Bull Dog corgi
10.German shepherd corgi
11.Golden Retriever corgi
12.Husky corgi
13.Pomeranion corgi
14.Papillon corgi
15.Pembroke Welsh corgi
16.ShibaInu corgi
17.Toy Poodle corgi
18.Welsh corgi


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