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Coton de Tulear Dog Breed Information


Breed Name: Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear dog breeds name derived from city of Tuléar in Madagascar and for its cotton-like coat. They are national dog if the Madagascar Island. They are very affectionate towards their masters and don’t want to get apart from them.

Nick Names: Coton, “Cotie”

Origin: Madagascar

Ancient Use: Companion dog

Type: Small-sized dog

Built: Cotton and fluffy built

Appearance: They are normally found in white and black, and white and tri-color. They have cottony or fluffy coat. They have curled tail and black nose.

Temperament: Lively, Playful, Vocal and Intelligent

Height: 10 to 12 inches

Weight: 12 to 15 pounds

Average Life: 14 to 16 years

Species: Gun Dog

Barking Status: Tendency to bark

Family Dog: They are good family dogs and get socialized easily with other dogs as well as kids.

Preferable Temperature: Mild weather

Active Breed: Yes

Member of: CKC

Socialization Status: Yes

Health Status: Coton de Tulear dogs are generally healthy, but like all breeds they are prone to heart problems, liver shunts, back (disc) problems, and eye problems.

What to Feed:

Recommended daily amount: 3/4 cup daily of a high-quality dog food, divided into two meals.

How to Care:

  • Needs brushing and combing almost daily
  • Needs bathing about once per week
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