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CRITTERRATI | Super Luxury Hotel for Dogs in Delhi

The Critterati Dog Hotel in the city of Gurugram is a niche hotel that caters exclusively to dogs. Critterati is the talk of the town for more than one reason. It is not a run-of-the-mill dog boarding facility but luxury at its best for the uber-conscious dog parents and their pooches. Plush suites with the whole shebang, spa, round the clock medical care, terrace-pool, dog café, bar, playroom and a grooming parlor all packed in this first of its kind Dog Hotel.  Doesn’t it look better than the human hotel you last checked-into?

Dog Cafe and Bar named Friends N Fur

Deepak Chawla Critterati CEO & Owner with wife Jaanwi Chawla
At $70 (RS. 4500) a night you can treat your furry baby to a decadent lifestyle and pampering of a special kind. Deepak Chawla chief executive, Critterati, opened the Hotel to offer an upscale setting to pets owned by a stratum that was always uncomfortable with regular Kennels. He told mail online that decent dog owners were never interested in sending their dogs to common dog boarding facilities that are operating in the country.

The hotel boasts of a uber luxury salon for pets. Image_Critterati, GGN

The hotel boasts an ultra luxury salon for pets. Image_Critterati, GGN

Pet-owners often admit of humanizing their pets. Dog parents don’t mind investing on more than just providing basic needs to the pet. These parents like to reward their loyal four legged children with the best of clothes, food and treatment. And now there’s Critterati, where parents can book their pooches for a day trip or for more than a day to enjoy a unique experience. The hotel hosts feline clients too.

A standard Room at Critterati dog hotel.

A standard Room at Critterati dog hotel.

The hotel has trained staff to manage and communicate with pets. The compassionate hotel staff keeps the environment extremely congenial and comfortable for its in-house guests. Owners can rest assured their pets are well cared for. There is also a provision for owners to watch what their four legged babies are upto when living away from them at the property.

Roof top swimming pool for dogs.

Roof top swimming pool for dogs.

The hotel hosts Feline Clients too.

The hotel hosts Feline Clients too.

You can choose from a Standard room to a Royal suite that comes with a private webcam, balcony, luxurious bed, flat TV screen featuring dog TV content and many more room options that guarantee more than just a cozy stay.

The daily itinerary is prepared to accommodate a pet’s every day needs. The day starts at 7 am with potty breaks followed by breakfast, then another potty break after which the dog enjoys a two hour play session; there is time allotted to a swimming session as well followed by more play in the play-room. Dogs also get to spend time in the café where healthy dishes are served made with chicken and rice. Imported dog beer, muffins and cup cakes are other items on the menu.

The hote has a well equipped Play Area for pets.

The hotel has a well equipped Play Area for pets.

The number of dogs in Indian households has increased almost 10 times in the last 15 years as per latest estimates. People are becoming more and more sensitive towards needs of their furry companions and are open to trying out new and improved means to provide the best of things to their pets within their short lifespan.


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