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Dalmatian Dog Breed Information

The Dalmatian is a dog with short hair and long body with a pattern of black or brown dots on its body with white coat. They are highly active and energetic in nature. They were historically used as the carriage dogs. The origin of the Dalmatian dogs is not known. It is suitable for the individuals, who are fond of keeping the pets and have enough time to give attention to it along with time devotion for the exercise. It is very loyal towards its owner.


Although, it has a friendly nature, but the attitude it possesses towards the strangers is quite scrappy. Read more to learn about the Dalmatian dogs..

Breed Name Dalmatian Dog
Origin Not known
Lifespan 12- 14 years
Breed Group Non- sporting dogs or the utility group
Size Type Large Breed Dog
Height Males 19- 23 inches and Females- 19-23 inches
Weight Males 45-60 lbs and Females 45-60 lbs
Temperament Playful, active, energetic, friendly, lovable, curious, intelligent
Coat Color White, blue, brindle (blue-grayish), tricoloured
Coat characteristics Long, dense or fine
What to feed High quality food is recommended for a Dalmatian per day, which should be appropriately divided into two meals a day. But puppies should be given a 50 % of the food provided by the breeders to be mixed with the normal food.
Litter Size 9-13 puppies, NO fixed average can be calculated, as it can have an increased number of puppies on occasions.
Training needs Obedience training is a must for this breed.
Living Conditions The dog is not at all recommended for apartment living. They are active indoors and may need a large sized yard. Either it does not prefer living in apartments, but still it can live easily inside as well as outside the home or apartment.
Exercise requirement The dog breed that is extremely active and requires a lot of exercise along with regular walking habits. This breed loves playing with its companion pets as well as kids. It requires running and games, so as to remain fit.
Health Concerns Deafness, hypothyroidism, urinary stones, sphincter dysplasia, seizures, canine hip dysplasia, formation of urinary calculi
Bred For Originally the Dalmatian dog was bred as a coaching dog.

Star Rating:

Characteristics Stars (based on 5)
Adaptability star star star star star
Trainability star star star star star
Health   star star star star
All-round friendliness star star star star star
Exercise Needs star star star star star
Apartment friendly   star
Affection level star star star star star
Grooming star

Interesting facts about the Dalmatian dogs:

1. The dogs of this breed were originally popular as coaching dogs. As, a result it was considered as the best companions for the riders and were very friendly with the horses.

2. The basic reason for the occurrence of the black or brown markings on its body is still unknown. But, few observers have considered it as a result of mutation in the genes for a ticked coat.

3. The other British names are the plum pudding dogs. The reason for giving such a name was the spots that seem like the plums in a Christmas pudding.

4. They suffer from inherited health problems like deafness and urinary stones.

5. It has been popular once as a circus dog.

6. Some other uses of the Dalmatians are that they are used as a guardian, athletic partner, rescue dog, family member. Also, it can be used as a fire dog.

7. Most of the dogs of this breed require frequent visits to a veterinarian, so as to check its weight, etc.

8. The average cost of owning the dog of this breed is $709 for the lifetime.

Is a Dalmatian Dog right breed for you?

A Dalmatian Dog is ideal for you, if you want a dog who: A   Dalmatian Dog may not be ideal for you if you don’t want to deal with:
· Is a medium sized, intelligent and curious· Is athletic and loves to bounce and play· Is very good by nature and is friendly with everyone.· Is very sociable with other breeds and animals.· Is the best watchdog.

· Is lovable and is quite quirky in its looks.



  A dog who has regular exercise needs· A dog who requires frequent brushing.· A dog who needs a confident owner, who can give it proper attention and time.· A dog who needs special food so as to prevent it from the urinary tractions. 




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More information on the Dalmatian Dog breed:

History: The origin of the Dalmatian dogs is still unknown. It has not got originated from the Dalmatia, but still it has been given this name on the basis of the name of the region that is the Dalmatia in the country of Croatia. The FCI has considered the Croatia as the origin country of the Dalmatian considering its past history. Its records have gotten traced since the 18th century. Considering the history of the Quadrupeds, that is a book written by Sir Thomas Bewick, the Dalmatian dog breed is considered as the Coach dogs. The chief development and cultivation of the breed is done in England. In the year 1882, the breed of the dogs has been given an unofficial standard of introduction. But, in the year 1890, with the formation of the First Dalmatian club, this breed dog became official.

In the year 1862, when the unique black or brown marks on its body have been observed, they were used as the guard dogs and also by the nomads of Dalmatia. Also, the dogs of this breed are popular for its unique coat over its continent in Europe that began in 1920. These dogs are fun loving and intelligent. Sometimes, it creates difficulties during its training period. For an example, if the trainer smiles while the Dalmatian is performing any activity, then the dog considers it as an approval from its side.


The Dalmatian is a medium sized, lean, long dog, with a non-sporting group. It has strengthened muscles and stamina. They have wide, large, expressive eyes, low tail and a broad head. Its coat can be of various shades such as bluish-gray, white with black or brown markings on its body. The eye color of the dog breed varies between brown, ale or amber. The feet of the Dalmatians are round with its toes in well arched. The thin ears are set close to the head and taping towards the tip.



A Dalmatian is confident, intelligent, smart and resourceful. Its loving and affectionate personality makes it an animal with fun and affection. It is very active and energetic. The Dalmatian act as an excellent playmate for its companion pets as well as for the kids. They require a moderate kind of climate to live in. They do not love to live an apartment life.

Whenever you are choosing a Dalmatian puppy, keep in mind that the temperament of the dog is affected by several factors, such as heredity and sociability. They have a stubborn nature with non-listening qualities. The only thing that makes it distinct from other breed dogs is the unique marks on its body. If you are looking for an ideal Dalmatian for your home, you should contact or communicate with a dog breeder that will help you find a perfect Dalmatian that is absolutely suitable to your lifestyle and personality.


The Dalmatians are healthier than other breed of the dogs. The dogs of this breed suffer from a number of health issues. Also, thyroid is among the most common problems suffered by the dogs of this breed. It is good to know about everything in detail before owning a Dalmatian for your home.

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It is a frequent problem which is found in the dogs of this breed. Only 70 percent of the dogs have normal hearing. This problem was not recognized by the breeders earlier, but when recognized, they were considered unintelligent. The nature of the dogs is still a mystery for the dog breeders, even though the problems so found are genetic.


Uric acid which is formed by breaking up in their liver that is eventually helpful to form blood serum resulting in gout. The excretion of this acid in the urine is a reason to cause stones in the kidney as well as the gallbladder.


When a Dalmatian is found shedding, then its hair must be removed regularly by using a rubber glove. Dalmatians must not be kept in a basement or a backyard habitually, although they crave companionship.


An average of 1 to 2 cups of a high quality protein rich diet is recommended for a Dalmatian. This quantity of meals must be divided into three equal halves in which the meal is provided to it. But, puppies can be given more in quantity because it will not harm them, as it is their growth stage. One must keep the age, structure, metabolism, activity levels in mind before feeding a Dalmatian.

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A Dalmatian is an easy care dog breed. Its velvet, short and fine coat is quite easy to be groomed. It requires frequent brushing in order to keep its coat gleaming. One should use rubber curry brush, pumice stone, firm bristle brush, or a hound mitt to remove dead hair. Also, its nails must be trimmed in even a few weeks. Its ears must be kept clean to prevent it from bacterial infections. For, its fresh breath, an individual can brush its teeth regularly.


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