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Different Types of Shepherd Dogs



Shepherd Dog:

shepherd dog (also known as sheep dog ) is a type of working dog used by shepherds to herd and/or protect their flocks. The name may refer to distinct breeds that are recognized by the Kennel Clubs, and it may also describe non-purebred types of dogs that are used by shepherds for these purposes. Shepherds Dogs can be very destructive and bark for long periods if they don’t get the exercise and mental stimulation they need.

Types of Shepherd Dog Breeds:


Shepherd Dog Breeds


  1. American Tundra Shepherd Dog
  2. American White Shepherd Dog
  3. Australian Shepherd Dog
  4. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  5. Belgian Shepherd Dog
  6. Belgian Malinois Dog
  7. Belgian Tervuren Dog
  8. Belgian Laekenois Dog
  9. Bearded Collie
  10. Beauceron
  11. Briard
  12. Bohemian Shepherd
  13. Bucovina
  14. Chow-Chow
  15. Collie
  16. Dutch Shepherd Dog
  17. East-European Shepherd
  18. German Shepherd Dog
  19. Groenedael
  20. Icelandic Sheep Dog
  21. King Shepherd Dog
  22. Pakistani Shepherd Dog
  23. Panda Shepherd Dog
  24. Pembroke Welsh corgi
  25. Polish Lowland
  26. Poodle
  27. Shiloh Shepherd Dog
  28. Shetland Sheep Dog


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