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Does Your Dog Cry, Howl or Bark When Left Alone?

Lonely, sad, bored or anxious- dogs can make a lot of noise when they are not happy as you are leaving and they will make a lot of noise so that you come to know about it. Separation anxiety can take many shapes and forms, and has various levels of intensity. The most obvious signs are a puppy or dog crying, vocalizing, howling or else barking when it is left alone.

Dog Crying

By behaving like this your dog is not creating any problems with himself or for you, but certainly for your neighbors because you do not live in a soundproof studio or out of the country for sure. Also, it is the most audible communication to you and others that your dog is very unhappy with you. The best part is that you can do many things which if not completely eliminate but certainly reduce the crying of your dog when left alone.

1. Set a consistent daily routine for your dog The newly adopted puppies or dogs will make a lot of sound when they are left alone as they are not used in the home in which are currently living. Even the dogs that are living in your home can get upset when your work hours change or you get a new roommate, etc. Start a very consistent and reliable daily routine of them and give them sufficient time of adjustment with their routine. They should be given minimum 1 week to adjust to the new schedule of playing, eating and exercising. That includes weekends as well. Ensure that your dog strictly follows the reliable routine every day.

2. Regular and reliable daily exercise A dog might experience the unspent energy which needs to be released somehow like in human beings. Before you head towards your work, take your dog for a walk or exercise with it or engage it in the play sessions. Make it so long that it tires your dog well and later on he will sleep when you have left.

Regular Excercise with Dog

Exercise also releases serotonin (like in humans) in a dog and helps in causing a very happy and calm feeling in the dog. Due to regular exercise serotonin is a perfect way to safely and instantly get it into the dog’s brain. No drugs are needed for the same.

3. Leave the radio or TV on before you leave A talking news channel, or a radio station where people are speaking and talking in general will work out to be the best for your dog when you leave him alone. Put the voice/ volume very loudly similar to the people talking in your house. For more anxious dogs, a CD can be played especially meant for them so that it causes less anxiety in them when left alone by you.

4. A toy of “food” puzzle can be given Before you leave, you can give such a food puzzle toy so that he gets busy getting the food out of the puzzle and does not realize that you are leaving. Ensure that you get the right toy about the right size for your beloved dog. Buying five or more toys for your dog is even better and you can put away the “old” ones away.

Food Puzzle By Dog

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5. Desensitize your dog about your leaving Try to “fake “with him the next time when you leave. Go down the hall, down drive away and come back again. Do the dozen times when you leave. The dog will get used to it and expect that you will come back and will not cry that much.

6. Try to show that it’s not a big deal that you are leaving  When you get up to leave, gather your stuff and pretend as if you will be coming back later just in a minute. Refrain from making it a big deal that you are leaving. Do not say “Good bye honey” or do not say “Be safe, take care”. This will let him know that you are leaving and make him alert. Even an hour can be a big time for your dog to spend without you.

7. When you come back home try to be normal Do not make a big deal that you left and now you are back to home. This is supposed to be the hardest for the humans. Try to stay calm with your dog after you have returned back home and do not seek any attention from him by behaving normally. Be calm, affectionate and love him so that he also becomes calm.

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8. Create training  Create train your dog properly. Once your dog is trained, he will feel less lonely. Start the training by 5 minutes, then increase it to 15 minutes, then eventually extend it to 30 minutes. It will reduce crying of your dog eventually.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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