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Dog Boarding Tips? Leave your Pet Behind with Peace of Mind.

Long overdue vacation to the beach is like the holiest respite from winters but travelling for dog owners especially the ones living in nuclear families also means having to arrange for the daily upkeep of your pet while you are away. We all encounter similar situations when we are unable to take along our pet cats or dogs to family vacations or business trips. This is where Good Dog Boarding Houses or Pet Hotels offer an amicable solution.

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Also traveling or a new setting may cause more anxiety in your pet than do any good. Sometimes illnesses, behavioral problems and physical injury may get in way and render traveling a stressful event for dogs and pet parents.

Look for these pointers when searching for dog boarding or dog hotels in India. Always Remember! Safe dog boarding options for our furry pals is primary and will enable you in living up your Christmas and New Year vacations to the fullest. We have also compiled a list of dog boarding and hotels in Indian Metros for your interest at the bottom of this post.


Kennel Stay: Always Visit personally before enrolling your dog.

Choosing a dog boarding requires careful selection and inspection of the dog kennel.Your regular veterinarian can help you with some references. Kennels lure clients with advertising their list of care and comforts offered. Although it is a wise decision to personally visit the premises and check the surroundings for cleanliness, a safe outdoor play area, toys and comfy beds, and check with the staff regarding the exercise regimen, healthy diet menu and number of daily outings for toilet break. Obviously one expects the caretakers to be well versed with dog handling techniques and dog body language. All in all they must exhibit a gentle demeanor coupled with professionalism.


Sometimes other dogs at the building are allowed to intermingle and play. This should only be allowed once the dogs are screened for aggression towards their counterparts and any communicable diseases.

 Boarding at the Vet’s clinic

This is a good choice only when your pet is suffering from a persistent illness that requires constant care and medical supervision. A healthy dog or cat must be kept away from a hospital environment for two simple and very evident reasons, firstly, being an audience to the whimpers of ailing animals can be an extremely distressing experience and secondly, there is always a threat of exposure to infectious diseases.

Miniature Dachshund Looking out a Window To get a friend or relative to stay with the pet at home

This definitely sounds like a convenient pick for our pets. I am sure lot of our friends and family members are big animal lovers and someone from this list of contacts might just happily volunteer to spend a week or more (depending upon our period of stay away from home) with our four legged friend.

A kennel would not suit dogs that are timid, dislike the company of other dogs or display behavioral issues. Sometimes elderly pets need the security of a familiar setting and require the same routine. It’s always a plus if the person chosen by us to care for the pet is a regular visitor to our home. Familiarity created by combining the above factors helps reduce the anxiety caused by separation from the master.


Leaving the pet at the Pet sitter’s home

This is like boarding your dog in a comfortable home away from the actual home. Therefore in all probability proves to be a great idea. This choice offers a comfortable and homely environment. The same routine of the pet can be easily followed. Incase other dogs, cats or birds might be present at the sitter’s home then care must be taken to gauge the behavior issues of not only your pet but other boarders as well.

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This is an indispensable step to any preparation made on our part before leaving our pet behind. The caretaker must be provided with your contact details, the name, number and address of the veterinarian, information regarding the quantity and kind of food supplied to the pet and their medical needs.

List of Dog Boarding in Delhi NCR:

Alpha 11 (Gurgaon)

Contact Numbers: 9810964472 / 9891415161

Canin Elite Farms (Mehrauli, Delhi)

Contact Numbers: 9871397179 / 8860084511


List of Dog Day Boarding in Mumbai:

Perfect Pooch (Andheri East)

Contact Numbers: 8080882002, 9769182002


Angel’s Pet Boarding ( Navi Mumbai)

Contact: 9819453542, 9819453542

Pets Hotel ( Thane West)

Contact Numbers: 022-25973100, 022-25970979


Dog Boarding Houses in Chennai:

Hotel for Dogs, (East Coast Road, Chennai)

Contact Numbers: 099626 81194


Benzi Pet Stay ( Thoraipakkam, Chennai)

Contact Numbers: 098847 80654

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