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Dog Breeds Starting With letter ‘J’

Jack Russell Terrier eating icecream

Breed Name
Jacairn is a CrossBreed of Jack russel Terrier and Cairn Terrier. These Dog Breeds are loving and Affectionate. Needs early Socialisation and Training. These Dog Breeds Loves to live with Children and Other dogs as Well.
Jacairn Small Sized Dog
United States of America
These Dog Breeds are Known as hybrid Dogs. These Dog Breeds are happy Dogs. These hybrids are alert, cheerful and social dogs that are good with children. Ja-Chon Small Sized Dog
Jack Chi
United States of America
It is not a purebred dog and is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Jack Russell Terrier. This breed is alert, affectionate, energetic, friendly, cheerful, loving, playful, protective, and sweet. Its most common colors are black, black & brown, black and tan, and black & white. Jack Chi Small Sized Dog
Jack Russell Terrier
These dogs are developed around 200 years ago and they are athletic dogs known for their intelligence and large personality. They are charismatic and affectionate, and make a great pet, but can be difficult to manage and train.
Jack Russell Terrier Small Sized Dog
Jack-A Bee
United States of America
They medium cross breed dogs known for being alert, affectionate, independent, intelligent, loving, lively, loyal, and out-going. They are the cross of the Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle. Jack-A Bee Small Sized Dog
Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin are much Close to look like cats. These Dog Breeds are Alert, Loyal, Entertaining, Intelligent, Friendly. These Dog breed are loyal to their owners. Japanese Chin Small Sized Dog
Japanese Spitz
These Dog Breeds are Playful, Good with kids, Affectionate and more Protective towards their Owners. Japanese Spitz Small Sized Dog
Japanese Tosa
These attentive and loyal dogs are quite courageous. These dogs can be good guarding dogs Japanese Tosa Large Sized Dog
These dogs are known for their affection for their owner. They are great watchdog and obedient. They are also friendly with kids and other pets. Jindo Medium Sized Dog
Japanese Terrier
They are small purebred dogs known for being cheerful, affectionate, and lively. Their most common colors are black & white and tricolor. They are also known as Nippon Terrier, Nihon Teria, and Nihon Terrier. japanese Terrier Medium Sized Dog


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