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Dog Breeds Starting with Letter ‘M’

Want to know about the dog breeds that start with letter M
The table below lists the various Pure, Hybrid and Mixed dog breeds that start with the alphabet M.


Breed NameOriginDescriptionImageType
Maltese dogs are known for being good companion dogs. These dogs are energetic and playful but can adapt in apartment as well. Regular grooming is required for these dogs.Maltese Small Sized Dog
Manchester Terrier
Manchester Terrier belongs to the Terrier family of dogs. Manchester Terrier is highly energetic and responds quickly. They are known for guarding families and hunting for them.Manchester TerrierSmall Sized Dog
Mastiff Dog Breeds requires exercise. Generally these Dog are healthy. They should be fed high quality dry food 2-3 times a day.MastiffLarge Sized Dog
Miniature American Shepherd
United States
These dogs are intelligent and devoted towards their owner. They require early socialization and training.Miniature American ShepherdMedium Sized
Miniature Bull Terrier
Bull Terriers are loving and active in nature. These dog breeds are stubborn but courageous. They love people, but care must be taken when they are around other dogs.Miniature Bull TerrierMedium Sized Dog
Miniature Pincher
These dogs are known for their outgoing, active & independent nature. They do well in agility training.Miniature PincherLarge sized Dog
Miniature Schnauzer
These dogs are alert and friendly with children. Since these dogs are intelligent, they can be trained easily. Miniature SchnauzerSmall sized Dog
Mudi dogs need exercise on regular basis due to their high energy level. However, grooming requirements of these dogs are low.MudiMedium Sized
United States
Mi-Ki is a calm dog and has sweet nature. These dogs love people and children. A daily walk will meet their exercise requirements.Mi-KiSmall sized Dog
Miniature Australian Shepherd
United States of America
Miniature Australian Shepherd requires early socialization. They are great house dogs but require a large amount of exercise.Miniature Australian ShepherdMedium Sized Dog


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