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Dog Breeds Starting With The Letter ‘C’

Breed Name
Cane Corso
 These Dog Breeds are strongly built but elegant,with powerful and long muscles.Cane Corso Requires more Training and Early Socialisation.
CaneCorso_ 23 Large Sized
Catahoula Leopard
United States of America
Catahoula Leopard are Found in Solid Colors.These Dog Breed are highly energetic and Intelligent.Make a good family Doig but you needs to communiate with them.
catahoula-leopard-dog Medium-Large Sized
Caucasian Shepherd
United States of America
Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are strong,muscular and even tempered.These dog breeds seen with white markings.They can be aggressive if they don't know people.
Caucasian Shepherd Large Sized
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
United Kingdom
These Dog breeds are highly affectionate and playful.Cavalier Spaniel are good with children and other Dogs.These Dogs adapt the conditions very well.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Small Sized
Central Asian Shepherd
 These Dog breeds are Strong and powerful dog. It has large chest and coat can either be long or short.
Central Asian Shepherd Large sized
Cesky Terrier
Czech Republic
 These Dog breeds are Short-legged and long-bodied dog. It has shaggy coat and ears in triangular shape.
Cesky Terrier Small Sized
 These Dog breeds are Small in body and size. It has big ears, dark eyes and well-rounded head.
Chihuahua Small Sized
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
United States of America
 These Dog breeds are Powerful and muscular dog. It has a wide head and medium length tail.
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Medium-Large sized
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
United Kingdom
 These Dog breeds are Long, low to the ground dog. it has short legs, medium sized eyes and large ears
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Medium-Large sized
Cairn Terrier
 Cairn Terrier Dog Breeds are Alert, animated, hardy and fox-like expression dog. It has broad head and small ears.
Cairn Terrier Small Sized
Chinese Crested
Both Hairless and Powderpuff types of dog breeds are found in this category.Needs grooming at regular intervals.These dog breeds belongs to terrier Group.
Chinese Crested Small Sized Dog
United States
Chinook Dogs are affectionate,playful and good companion with children and other dog.These dog breeds are reserve in nature.
Chinook Large Sized
Chow ChowChina
It is first primitive Dog breed which looks like Wolf.The fur is particularly thick in the neck area and coat varies in different colors.These Dog Breeds are not more active lives in home but needs regular exercise.
Chow Chow Medium Sized


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