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Dog Breeds That Start With ‘B’

Breed Name
Congo & Great Britain
These dog breeds are used for hunting dogs.Very much emotional with single human.These dog breeds are alert,curious and energetic.
Gaia_Basenji  Small Sized
Basset Hound
Basset Hound known for Vocal Breed.Extremely tolerant with children and other pets.Needs grooming and exercise daily.
basset hounds Medium Sized
These dog breeds have great sense of smelling and tracking.Beagle are even tempered and gentle.Hard to train so need early training and socialisation.
Beagle_4924903 Small Sized
Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie are mostly used for Guarding by police men.These dog breed are very good in nature and used as good family pet and working dogs.
Bearded Collie Medium Sized
These dog breeds are used to both guard and cattle.Beauceron dog breeds are athletic,calm gentle.Needs more exercise in early stages to live longer.
Beauceron Large Sized
Bedlington Terrier
 Bedlington Terrier looks like a lamb and almond-shaped eyes .It has narrow head, pointy tail and soft hair.
Bedlington Terrier Large size
Belgian Laekenois
 These Dog Breeds are Medium sized, almond-shaped eyes .It has long tail and triangular shape ears.
Belgian Shepherd Laekenoislaek Medium sized
Belgian MalinoisBelgium
High head, muscular built and flowing gait dog. It has little dim eyes, upright ears and long hair.
Belgian Malinois Medium Sized
Belgian Sheepdog
Belgian Sheepdog Muscular built and look like Belgian Sheep. It has triangle-shaped ears, and a fluffy tail.

Belgian Sheepdog Medium-Large  sized
Belgian Tervuren
BelgiumBelgian Tervuren have Strong, agile, well-muscled dog. It has small dim eyes and thick double coat.
Belgian Tervuren Large sized
Bichon Frise
Spain,Belgium and France
These dog breeds are Sensitive and affectionate.These breeds have lots of energy.Very much close from humans and Childrens.
Bichon Frise Small Sized Dog
Bagle Hound
FranceThese dogs needs regular exercise.Cross breed of Basset Hound and Beagle.Tends to be independent and Think for themselves.
Bagle Hound Large Sized Dog
FranceThese dog Breeds are very Smart.Cross breed of Basset Hound and Scottish Terrier.
Bascottie Small Sized Dog
Basset Foxhound
FranceCross breed of Basset Hound and Foxhound.These dog breeds are used for hunting and tracking.
Basset Foxhound Medium Sized Dog
FranceBeaski is a cross breed of Siberian Husky and Beagle.These dog breeds lives in any climate conditions.
Beaski Large Sized Dog


Hailing from Delhi, Kritesh is an ardent pet lover. He has two canine companions: Basenji and Bull Dog. With rich knowledge of nutritious pet food, pet care and pet accessories, he likes to share his knowledge with other pet lovers through his well-researched and informative articles.

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