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Dog Breeds That Start With ‘N’

List of Popular Dog Breeds that starts with N. See the Below Table for more Information.

Norwich Terriers

Breed Name
Neapolitan Mastiff
This dog needs early socialization and good training. These dogs love to be with their families. Neapolitan Mastiff Large Sized Dog
Nederlandse Kooikerhondje
These dogs are kids friendly. They need exercise on a regular basis. NederlandseKooikerhondje Small sized Dog
North America
They are highly loyal and make ideal working dogs. These dogs are kids friendly. Newfoundland Large sized Dog
Norfolk Terrier
Norfolk terrier is small but strong dog. The dog is easy to care and needs 20-30 of exercise or play every day. Norfolk Terrier Small sized Dog
Sweden and Finland
Norrbottenspets are keen, calm and attentive. The dog is low in energy and small in size but has a daring attitude. Norrbottenspet Small-Medium sized Dog
Norwegian Buhund
They are friendly & happy dogs. Also known for home pet dogs, these dogs are active, playful and very intelligent. Norwegian_Buhund_600 Small-Medium sized Dog
Norwegian Elkhound
Elkhound dogs are loyal, playful, protector and strong. These dogs are also friendly with kids. Norwegian_Elkhound Medium sized Dog
Norwegian Lundehund
They are intelligent and active dogs. They are playful and friendly with kids and other smaller pets. Lundehund Small sized Dog
Norwich Terrier
United Kingdom
They are good family pets that are known for their affectionate behavior. These obedient dogs require regular grooming and occasional bath. Norwichterrier Small sized Dog
New Guinea Singing Dog
New Guinea
They are known as singing dogs because they howl more. New Guinea Singing dogs have erect, pointed, fur-lined ears. They are also known for being excellent companion dogs. Guinea-Singing-Dog Medium sized Dog
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are extremely good at hunting. They are intelligent, and bred for being working dogs. tolling-retriever Medium sized Dog


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