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Dog Have Emotions: Do They Or They Do Not?

Dogs are the most affectionate and faithful living beings on Earth. They are considered to be the best friends of humans. Dogs have their own ways of exhibiting their emotions which means that dogs do have emotions. They have similar habits like humans. A hormone called oxytocin is produced in humans which causes the change of emotions in human beings. The change of moods like love, affection, anger, laughter is all caused due to the presence of this hormone. This hormone is present in dogs also.


The emotions which dog experience becomes evident with the behavior of the dogs. Few behavior tendencies are mentioned below:

1. Dogs greet their masters by the way of wagging their tails. We notice that the moment the dog sees the owner; they move behind them and exhibit their affection for them by wagging their tail. This is a sign of love and affection towards their master.

2. Whenever the master takes the dog out for a walk and the dog sees another canine, the emotion of unfriendliness towards another dog is exhibited by growling. This is a sign to show that the pet has not liked another canine. The behavior tendencies clearly show the dislike towards other canines.

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3. Another way of showing affection for the master is by licking the same. This clearly indicates love towards the owner.

4. They experience joy with their pack members. The pet dog also feels happy in the company of family members.

5. Similarly, the dog feels sad if a pack member passes away or a family member expires in the case of a pet dog.

6. When the master is in a foul or sad mood, the behavior of the pet will also reflect similar emotions. The dog will also lose interest in food or playing with his favorite toy. This is a clear indication that dogs can feel the emotions of the owner too, and behave in a similar way.

7. Research proves that dog uses eye gaze to find out about the intentions of the owners. They can understand about the thoughts of the master.

8. Dogs have been blessed with unique smelling senses. This is even helpful in detecting and upcoming disease in the life his master. He can detect a deadly disease like cancer. In case the person is suffering from epilepsy, the dog gets to know about when a seizure is about to occur.

9. A Dog can easily sense fear in the human being and react in a similar way. Fear will spark fear in the mind of the dog also. This is another emotion a dog can exhibit.

10. Another interesting fact is that the dog does not like being ignored by the master. They like attention and they do not get the same in return, then they resort to measures like scratching themselves.

11. Dogs can even detect in case the owner has other priorities and they can emote this by feeling sad in their own way. This makes them feel sad.

12. Anger can have an adverse effect on the dog. If the master is angry and trying to discipline the dog in a harsh way, the dog may feel scared and show this emotion by trembling or crouching down.

These few ways definitely prove that dogs have emotions, treat dogs the way you want to be treated as they are also living beings and have equal right to live as you do. Dogs have their own way of emoting and they do put across their feeling very strongly. Dogs are remarkable animals and their feelings are simple to understand provided we show sensitivity towards them.



The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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