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Dog Heroes – Meet The Top 10 Bravest Dogs in History

Meet the dog heroes who have created history. There are many real incidents in our lives where a dog had been a savior. Here we have compiled a list of courageous dogs who became famous because of their deeds.

 Laika: A very brave and heroic dog who was the first animal to go into orbit.


Appollo: First K-9 unit to respond to World Trade Center attacks


Mancs: A famous rescue dog from Hungary. Mancs was known for his keen sense of smell and the clear signal he sent to rescuers to indicate if someone was alive under the rubble.


Nemo: He is best known for attacking and killing two VietCongs in Vietnam

Barry::Barry the St. Bernard is the world’s most successful rescue dog. He saved forty people.

Chips:He saved the lives of soldiers from fire.


Gander: He saved the life of soldiers from Japanese attackers.


Sergeant Stubby: He saved many soldiers from surprise attacks of mustard gas.

Dog Wearing Military Medals

Cairo: Cairo was a member of the 24 U.S. Navy SEALs.He attacked and killed

Balto : Balto is famous for a  life-saving medical delivery to Nome, Alaska, in 1925 where a serious outbreak of diphtheria happened. Due to extreme cold weather, all forms of transport became impossible so officials were forced to rely on dogsleds to deliver the antitoxins.



Shikha Sharma believes that Mother Earth is our mutual abode, where all creatures have an equal right to live with dignity. This belief is clearly reflected in her wonderful writing pieces that revolve around animals and their well-being. She is the blog editor of Pets World.

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