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Dog Parks in India – Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune Dog Parks

Dog parks in India are the best places to let your canines play and enjoy. What can be a better thing for a dog than getting a place where they can run off leash with its fellow canines? The dog’s parks are the places where they feel free to roam, run and enjoy. India has an assorted list of such dog parks where hordes of keen dog owners bring their coddled pooch to make them feel free and relish the different running games. Scroll to know about the different dog parks in India-

Dog Parks in Mumbai

•  Carter Road Bandra– It is an astounding dog park along the coastline. Here one can find an array of dogs playing with full energy and zeal.
Address- Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai, IN 400050

•  Yari Road Pet Park– It is the first active pet park of the region. It provides a safe and secure environment for the dogs to play.
Address- Next to Poseidon Building on Yari Road, Versova, Mumbai, IN

•  Priyadarshini Park– It is among the popular dog parks in Mumbai. the dogs get an ideal settings here to enjoy the freedom.
Address- Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai, IN 400006

Dog Parks in Bangalore

•  Doggy Play Date @ Cubbon Park– It is a perfect place to socialize the dogs in an open environment. This park allows the dogs in best way possible to learn the ways to interact with one another in a secure atmosphere.
Address- Cubbon Park, Near the Central Library, Bangalore, IN

 Cubbon Park– This Park has a fence so that one can set their dog free. It is located in a close proximity to Hopcoms Juice Center. The Saturday and Sunday witness the large swarm of dog owners in the park.

Address- Cubbon Park, Bangalore

Dog Parks in Chennai

•  Crimson Chakra– This park welcomes all the dog lovers who want to set their dogs in a playful ambiance. There is a need of prior booking in this park for availing the tables in dog friendly zone. You are also lend with a helping hand by the trained staff who takes the dog to the walk so that you can enjoy the coffee and bask under the serene settings.
Address- # 13, First Crescent Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, IN 600020

Dog Parks in Pune

•  Nana Nani Park– This dog park remains open only on Sundays. it lets your coddled pooch to utilize the energy and make new friends. The dog owners need to set their dog free inside the park and their pets will grab their best time on their own.
Address- Nana Nani Park, close to Shaniwarwada, on way to corporation, near Deccan, Pune, IN 41102


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    This is an awesome list. I would add “Petboro Dog Park” to the list as well. The Petboro Dog Park is located in Bengaluru. More information can be found online at: