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7 Dog Breeds That Are Easily Trainable

 DOGS that can be trained easily are everyone’s fancy. The bounty of dog breeds available in India, come with their unique anatomy and temperament, often making it difficult for first time pet hopefuls to make a choice. Everyone..

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Top 10 LAZY Dog Breeds for Laid Back people.

If you are the lazy kinds and looking for a loyal four legged mate to fit your temperament, consider adopting one of these laid back dogs. It’s amazing how nature has created different dog breeds with their individual..

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Tips From Celebrity Canines When Naming Your Pet

I once heard a stand-up comedian tell a story about when he purchased a puppy for his parents as a Christmas present. He held onto that little mutt for a few weeks in order to keep it a..

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Things dogs do to say, I Love You Too

Dog Body language and emotions displayed by canines has been a subject of research with interesting and positive findings. It has also been proven for that canine minds process and feel certain emotions synonymous to humans. When your..

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HARPER COLLINS India approves PAWTERNITY LEAVE for employees.

What is a Pawternity Leave? Employees adopting pets are allowed to a week’s paid leave to look after and connect with their new furry babies. At Petsworld India, our team has been entitled to it since 2012 and it..

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10 Summer Super Foods for Dogs.

Summer is finally here and it brings with it a lot of juicy, sumptuous and healthy natural treats for one and all. And when we say `all’ we mean to include even your darling dogs! We have more..

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10 Dog Breeds that love to sleep

Does your dog hit the snooze button at every opportunity craving to get a little more of that beauty sleep? There are dog breeds that love to over-indulge in sleep. Dreaming, snoring, and sleeping are almost like their..

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List of Common Household Items that Dogs should not swallow.

Dogs love to explore the world around through their noses and sometimes the exploration turns into a temptation to lick and taste. Their indiscriminating palates may lead them to consume forbidden household items that can wreak havoc with..

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The Right Way To Introduce A New Dog To Your Home

Adopting a pet does involve some amount of deliberation with the family members; however for some it is a personal undeterred choice that may be made very quickly and is far from being influenced by others. No matter..

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Cute Things Every Dog Owner Does With His Dog Secretly

Here are some quirky and fun situations that every dog owner would relate to. You may be doing these things secretly for or with your loyal companion. We bravely trespassed on this private zone and raked some cute..

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