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Dog Training Guide – Obedience Training Tips to Encourage Good Dog Behavior

Naturally dogs want to be trained and seek guidance from their owner. This simple and step by step Dog training is for owners who wish to train their dogs easily without spending much time.

Barking of Dog: Dog owners should identify when and why dog barks. With dedication and patience you can control the amount of barking. You can stop excessive barking problem in dogs by providing them proper training. Further, you can also consider spark bark collar, which emits a citronella-scent when your dog barks. There are also various other ways to make a dog bark less.

dog brak

Tricks to Teach : There are various basic tricks that you should teach your dog at an early age. You should teach your dog to respond to clicker, his name, to sit, to go to a place, to speak, Teach all these tricks in sessions and after each session reward your dog with a fun play session.


House Training: Provide house training to your dog leads to a good relationship between dog and owner. All dogs are capable of being house trained whether they are puppy or an adult dog. You start potty training of dog at very young age. Also, keep following things in mind:

  • Keep your puppy on a regular feeding schedule
  • Take puppy out to eliminate in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Take you puppy outside after meals or when he wakes from a nap.
  • Make sure he goes out for potty at night and before he’s left alone
  • Take him to the same spot each time to do his business.
  • When your puppy eliminates outside, you should praise him or give him a treat house-training

Crating: Depending on your dog the crate training process can take anywhere, it can take time for your dog to get comfortable with their crate so you need to introduce the crate slowly. For crate training you can follow below listed steps:

  • Give your dog a command to enter in the crate
  • Encourage your dog by pointing to inside of the crate with a treat in hand
  • When your dog enters the crate, you should praise him and give him the treat
  • Now close the door and sit quietly near the crate for 5-10 minutes

dog-crate Train Your Dog For Good Behavior: When your Dog misbehaves you need to correct your dog immediately, misbehaving of dog activities can be biting, excessive barking, stairs, car rides, eating feces, pawing and jumping. You should reward your puppy to sit-stay when greeting the people rather than trying to extinguish these social behaviors with punishment. You can also train your puppy to perform an alternative and acceptable greeting behavior.

behavorial_talk Leash Training: It may include adjusting to the collar; you need to check your puppy’s collar about every week and increase the sizes he grows. After puppy or dog becomes adjusted to their collar attach the leash to his collar and train your dog for walking with leash slowly and gradually. Also, learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash.

Leash Train your dogs to lie down: you can teach to your dog to lie down by following these steps:

  • Firstly, hold your hand with a bit sticking out so your dog can see it.
  • Then, show it your dog, and then place your hand on the floor. Your dog will try every which way to get at the treat.
  • Eventually he will lie down .keep at it and when understand that your hand on the floor means you want him to lie down say “down” when he does the action.
  • With practice, he will go with your words, without the treat.

lie down Clicker Training for your dog: Clicker training uses your dogs own natural desire to learn and obtain a reward without having to use any force or punishment. If your dog does not do what you are trying to teach, he will not get a click reward and so will try harder to do what you want to gain recognition. For providing clicker training you follow these steps:

  • Click and give your puppy treat
  • Repeat above step about 30 times. In this way, you will teach your dog to associate the click with the treat
  • Remember that never click without treating and never treat without clicking

Clicker Training for your dog


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