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Donald Trump v/s Dogs in “Who wore it Better”

Donal Trump the  US Presidential Candidate’s hair do is all over internet kick started by a 3 year old Boxer, Spud taking part in a contest that was put together recently by Banana Moon Clothing, an online retail firm that sells custom-made Dog garments.The contest to search for UK’s Best Dressed Dog received a total of 82 entries, however Judges couldn’t get enough of Spud the undisputed winner, attracting attention due to his cheeky resemblance to Donald Trump. Spud’s whimsical hairstyle and dapper pinstriped suit charmed the judges beyond doubt.

Happy to share the honor was spud’s owner Diane Goulding who also talked about the ‘Best Dressed Title’ as being Spud’s first ever victory in any competition.

Image Credit: UK Mirror. Read full story HERE

Happy to share the honor was Spud’s human parent (Diane Goulding) who also talked about the ‘Best Dressed Title’ as being Spud’s first ever victory in any competition.

Stanly the Chihuahua from Kent who donned a superman costume and Isobella a Lurcher from Leeds looked splendid in a red coat and designer hat, were among the list of finalists vying for the coveted title of the Best Dressed Dog Icon.
The contest has kick started sorts of a viral trend and the raging question of “Who wore it better?” is being asked all over the internet (chuckle).



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The Author is a passionate dog parent and wants to encourage responsible pet parenting in India.

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