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Ear Infection in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


Canine ear infections are common and most of the dogs suffer from this medical condition sometime in their life. These infections are generally caused by yeast or bacteria. Some other factors in the development of ear infections are excessive hair, ear mites, moisture or wax, allergies, foreign bodies, and hypothyroidism. Dogs’ ear canal is vertical (unlike the ear canal of human which is horizontal); therefore, it is easy for moisture and debris to be retained in the ear canal of dogs.

 What are the signs of Ear Infection in dogs?

The following signs indicate that your pooch may have ear infection:
• Scratching of the ear or area around the ear
• Brown, yellow, or bloody discharge
• Hearing loss
• Redness or swelling of ear
• Odour in the ear
• Crusts or scabs on inside of the outer ear
• Rubbing of the ear on floor or furniture
• Head shaking or head tilt
• Hair loss around the ear
• Loss of balance
• Unusual eye movements
• Walking in circles

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, he should be seen by a reputed vet as soon as possible.

 Which dogs are more prone to Ear Infection?

The following dogs are more prone to Ear infection:
• Dogs with allergies
• Dogs with non-erect outer ears
• Dogs that have excessive hair growth in the ear canal

 How Ear Infections are treated?

Generally, ear infections are treated with the ear cleaning followed by medication given at home. The veterinarian will take a sample from affected ear and examine this under the microscope so as to identify what microorganisms are present in the ear. After that, he may prescribe oral and/or topical medicine for the ear infection.

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 How can Ear Infections be prevented?

You should opt following methods to prevent ear infection in your dog:
• You should check your dog’s ears on regular basis for odour, abnormal discharge and/or redness
• If outer ear of your dog appears dirty, then clean it gently with a cotton ball dampened with a solution suggested by your vet
• After swimming and baths, you should ensure to dry your dog’s ears thoroughly
• You can remove excessive hair in the outer ear canal of your dog. For doing it professionally, you can take help from groomer, or you can ask vet to show some proper technique for removing these hair


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