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Embracing the tale of Lehe Ledu wildlife zoo in Chinese Chongqing City.

The-Lehe-Ledu (1)
In a turn of events visitors are happily caged while the wild & nasty four legged jungle heroes roam uninhibited across this one of a kind Chinese zoo. Guests to the venue can have an au naturel feel of a journey that unravels the gap between humans and the untamed.

This zoo opened its gates to a discerning crowd in the year 2015 and till date is a popular destination for locals and global tourists yearning a glimpse of the raw and wild side of the Big Cats while comfortably positioned in a caged truck. The zoo not only offers a gratifying safari to its patrons but strikes the right note with animal lovers and activists for allowing a cage free existence to some of the most unforgiving lot of tigers and lions.
The-Lehe-Ledu-Wildlife (1)

The up close and personal interaction with predators is one tagged with caution as the sightseers to the park are advised not to stick out their fingers, hands or any other body part from the mesh of the caged vehicle. The zoo authorities spell out a set of do’s and don’ts for the tourists to follow on each of the tours in order to enjoy a safe expedition of the park.
Interestingly to deepen the thrill the predators are made to spring at and leap about the vehicle ferrying the guests by suspending raw flesh on the rods attached on the exterior of the truck. This enticing procedure often attracts the fancy of the hunger-driven and ravenous creatures.

The Lehe Ledu Zoo is a fresh take on the conventional zoos where people very willingly enter a cage for a stipulated time to honor the indefinite freedom of the wild beasts. It is about taming the man for a change!Travelers must include this destination on their bucket list to experience the newness and animal friendly environment that is (pleasantly) a far cry from a typical zoo like setting.

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