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First Pet Grooming: A Definitive Guide For First Time Groomers

Steps to puppy grooming

Your new favorite living and breathing toy has finally arrived and you are all up and ready to start giving it all the love and care of the world. Besides all the cuddling, mingling and patting, your new found friend requires the proper grooming to feel healthy at all times.

A question that arises for all puppy-lovers here is when to start the grooming process? What exactly is the correct time that you should take your puppy for an expert grooming session? Well, to start off with the process, you must make it comfortable for your puppy in the beginning and let it get comfortable with you and your family members.

The ideal time to start with its grooming process is when your puppy is around 12-week old. Like a child, extra care is required when you handle the grooming session of your puppy on your own. After all, you wouldn’t expect a child to sit straight for about an hour and get all the grooming done perfectly, right? Start the process slowly. Introduce them to the grooming routine at a very basic level, like for say, combing the hair on alternate days. Go for specific groom kits from Petsworld which offers a wide varieties of quality kits. Give it all sorts of treats when you introduce it to the scissors for the first time around its face and tail. It might turn out to be a source of plaything for your puppy that works for your advantage as well.

You have to be a little more cautious if your puppy is 6-months old as they become more playful by then. Taking them for a professional grooming session for the first time would work in your benefit as the specialists shall introduce your puppy well with the world of grooming.

Before Puppies are groomed

As mentioned above, to make your puppy’s first grooming session smooth and entertaining, you must go for a professional grooming session. You should first make your puppy completely comfortable with the idea of grooming and release all its fears. Make it get comfortable with the concerned person; let it play with him for a good time. After all, the first experience of grooming shall set the tone for the future, so you must see to it that it is a pleasant one.

Ask the professionals before beginning with the grooming session about various methods to handle your puppy and convince it to accept the grooming without any rebellion. Ensure that your puppy submits to the conditioning that it has to go through. Prepare your puppy by patting it before the session, if needed, treat them with dog treats before and after the process. The more they become friendly to the entire session, the better it is for you to handle them in the future.

Your task doesn’t end at only bringing your pup for a professional grooming session. Learn along the entire session about handling your puppy while its nails being cut by the clippers, and understand the right techniques to bathe your puppy properly and so on and so forth.

Do not overstress it with the grooming session. Just remember that patience is the key. Turn this grooming experience into a fun and enjoyable time for your puppy and once the ground is set where your puppy becomes comfortable with all the grooming devices like dryers, shampoo, and clippers, you can start grooming your pup on your own, and that shall double up the fun and make it more enjoyable for your puppy.

How to Groom your Puppy

Once you introduce the puppy to the world of grooming, make it comfortable before starting the grooming process on your own. You must follow certain steps before finally getting started with the entire grooming routine.

Step 1:
Teach your puppy that hands are associated with all the good things like toys and food. Scratch them under the chin and at other parts like ears, back, and stomach. Make it as comfortable as possible. If it resists or bites at any time, slow down the process. Once your pup becomes comfortable with your touch, start with touching the areas that they are not comfortable with at the first place.

You must handle these initial techniques with high care as it will set the foundation for how much your pet is going to enjoy the forthcoming grooming sessions. Treat them with tiny bits of food and biscuits whenever they let you hold them or touch them. You can also try Twistix Dental Dog Treats Vanilla Mint for your sweet ball of fluff. Once your pup gets comfortable with your touching its ears, eyes, tail, and legs, you are good to go for moving further with the grooming session.

Step 2:
After following the first step of holding and touching your puppy gently, hold it still with a very little restraint to start with the grooming. If it becomes tensed or starts struggling, loosen your grip a bit. When your pup starts getting relaxed under your hold, move its legs and hands, move the head up and down and see your puppy’s reaction to it. At any step, if your puppy shows signs of aggressive behavior, seek professional aid.

Step 3:
Once getting done with making your puppy relaxed, introduce the grooming equipment to them. Make sure that you use the right quality of brushes and combs for your pet. For the same, you can try the Petsworld Pet Hair Flea Comb Stainless Steel with soft grip handle. Accompany it with Twistix Dental Dog Treats Mint that makes your pup happy and removes plaque and tartar at the same time. Clip its nails very gently using the Petsworld Nail Clipper ERGO that is specially made with a unique design. Give your pet a gentle bath using All 4 Pets Tender Coat Tearless Puppy Shampoo that is good for its fur coat. A happy bathing relaxes your pup a lot and makes your job pretty easy.

Provide your puppy with the absolute love and care that it deserves by using the right equipment, grooming technique and added affection that makes the entire grooming experience pleasant and entertaining for both of you.


The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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