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Funny Pets

Top 10 LAZY Dog Breeds for Laid Back people.

If you are the lazy kinds and looking for a loyal four legged mate to fit your temperament, consider adopting one of these laid back dogs. It’s amazing how nature has created different dog breeds with their individual..

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Things dogs do to say, I Love You Too

Dog Body language and emotions displayed by canines has been a subject of research with interesting and positive findings. It has also been proven for that canine minds process and feel certain emotions synonymous to humans. When your..

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10 Dog Breeds that love to sleep

Does your dog hit the snooze button at every opportunity craving to get a little more of that beauty sleep? There are dog breeds that love to over-indulge in sleep. Dreaming, snoring, and sleeping are almost like their..

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7 Dog Breeds That Love to HUG their Humans.

Are you one of those wanting a super friendly pet dog that follows you all around like a shadow? Are you looking for a pup with an insatiable appetite for hugs? We all have preferences regarding the kind..

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Cute Things Every Dog Owner Does With His Dog Secretly

Here are some quirky and fun situations that every dog owner would relate to. You may be doing these things secretly for or with your loyal companion. We bravely trespassed on this private zone and raked some cute..

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Find out if your Pet Rabbit Loves You | Rabbit Language

Rabbits can prove to be excellent companions to humans just like dogs and cats and if you can learn to talk Rabbit you’ll know that they are more than just a cute eye candy. Rabbits’  body language and..

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10 Christmas Gifts to quirk up your pets. #SantaPaw

T’is the season of gifting presents and bestowing warmth! Are you one of those who never forget to surprise his pet with rewards it truly enjoys but have grown bored with clichéd gifting ideas and raring to digress from..

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The Truth about Babies and Dogs REVEALED !

Want to learn how to forge beautiful relationships? Take a cue from these baby-dog gifs and explore how baby and puppy bonding can’t get better than this. Most Dogs mingle very well with kids in the same house..

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Six Cutest Dogs in love with their couches! Funny Dog GIFs

Dog’s Love for the couch is well known! In some cases even out growing it but still not willing to let go, such is the bonding between your dog and his favorite couch! The evident love of dog..

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Top 6 New Year Resolutions for Pet owners in India: Welcome 2016

STAY CALM & FOLLOW YOUR PET !!! in 2016 Dogs and Cats in India are outsmarting humans with their list of clever 2016 New Year Resolutions.  #Year 2016 is here and we all woke up with an extraordinary vigor..

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