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George, The Goldfish Recovering After Successful Operation


It’s rightly said that until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. The true example of animal love is seen in Australia, where an owner of a goldfish spent hundreds of dollars to save his pet. Tristan Rich, a veterinarian at an Australian animal hospital, said the 10-year-old pet goldfish named George was unable to swim or eat properly after the large growth had emerged on his face. Later, it was found that the goldfish was suffering from brain tumor.

After proper diagnosis, his owners were given two options, either to opt for the risky brain tumor procedure or put their beloved pet to sleep. The owners chose the option of operation, and after a 45-minute of “high-risk” operation the goldfish is expected to live for another 20 years and is back swimming freely once again.

Dr Rich said that the goldfish had a quite large tumor on the top of his head that had been growing slowly and beginning to affect his quality of life. Dr Rich worked quickly to remove the tumor, and used a gelatin sponge to control bleeding of fish during the tricky and difficult piscatorial procedure. This complex operation of goldfish costs around £125, which is 20 times more expensive than buying a new goldfish in Australia. Dr. Rich also added: “Everyone forms bonds to pets in different ways and it is not up to us to distinguish between species.” Now, George has returned to the pond in his owner’s home and is recovering well.


The blog editor of Pets World is a pet aficionado and fervently follows her pet-obsession. A pet parent to animals big and small for the past two decades. The sum of all experiences gathered is an amalgamation of useful knowledge and research.

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