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Get Affection and Love With These 5 Therapy Dogs

We all have heard this statement at one point or the other that man is a social animal. We are used to someone’s companionship at times of distress and tense situations. Having a pet dog not only brings a smile on your face but it also helps you cope up with the most stressful moments of your life. There are some dog breeds that are not only cute, but they are also therapeutic in nature. There are certain individuals that require special care, especially in retirement homes, nursing homes and hospitals and therapy dog works as an excellent companion for such people. We all know that dogs offer unconditional love, affection, and entertainment to those who need it. Let us look at some of the dog breeds that are most popular for their therapeutic qualities.

1) Labrador Retriever

You will fall in love with a Labrador retriever as soon as you look in its eyes. It is one of the most versatile breeds having extraordinary intelligence and easy to maintain. They are known to be a friendly breed and very social, that makes them great therapy dogs with the right training. This canine breed is also known to be a born swimmer. Its calm and quiet nature also makes them an excellent family dog. The work of a therapy dog mostly entails visiting medical institutions, nursing homes, special care centers to meet with the people that need extra care and support and provide them the warmth and that much-needed love.

The temperament of a lab is highly impervious to aggressive situations. They will do everything in their capacity to please their human friends and stop at nothing to bring a smile on their faces. They are very playful, so one can never get bored with their companionship. Its outgoing and gentle nature helps people forget loneliness and depression. With the right amount of training, Labrador Retrievers turn into the best therapy dogs and shower their love and affection on their dog parents.

2) Pug

This cute dog breed is well-known for their wrinkly face and large eyes. They are small in terms of physical constitution that makes them easy to carry and put on your lap. A mere look at their cute little face will bring a smile on your face. Their high cuteness quotient makes them one of the most popular breeds to enter into the list of therapy dogs. Two major traits of therapy dogs are their sociable nature and cravings to get human contact.

Pugs are the little ball of fluff that looks forward to befriend any stranger in the first meeting and they mostly stay on the calmer side of behavior. They won’t mind cuddling with a complete stranger in the first meeting and that makes them an apt choice for therapy dogs at nursing centers and special homes.

3) Pomeranian

One look at them and you won’t be able to stop yourself from patting them affectionately. They are mostly small-structured and custodians of a very lovable demeanor. They love to be petted by humans and they are an intelligent breed. With apt training, they become excellent therapy dogs. In addition to this, they are low maintenance that makes them quite popular among elderly people. These cute canines are of sweet nature and are very possessive about their human friends. It makes them an instant favorite at old-age homes and hospitals among people that likes to have a company of a furry friend during their times of need. Pomeranians are mostly of shy nature and they require to be trained right to become calm to handle the most difficult and chaotic situations such as people yelling or causing any disturbance.

4) Saint Bernard

Being a Swiss dog, they have earned a reputation of being the best avalanche rescue dogs. In addition to having a fair share of recognition for being the most awesome rescue dogs in mountainous terrain, they are also known for being the best therapy dogs. Due to their gigantic sizes, they are very popular among kids that love to hug them and ride over them. They are a friendly breed and incredibly protective and obedient toward the patients. Even though they are big in size, they will not snap at any possible encounter of aggressive behavior by a child or adult. This fabulous dog is the best companion for people to overcome their stress and anxiety and fill up the voids in their personal and emotional space.

5) Beagle

This breed is known for its small size and big ears. They are not just restricted to having pretty looks, but are also very soft-tempered and easy going by nature. They have all the love and affection to share with their human companions whenever they are required to do so. They meddle with anyone very easily, that makes them great therapy dogs. They are highly active and entertaining and cuddle up easily with their human friends to give them the required warmth and affection. They are very well constituted with all the requisite qualities to make them an excellent choice for a therapy dog.

Overall, consider the traits of the dog breeds that you shortlist before going for the adoption of your favorite type of therapy dogs. Choose the one that meets the expectations of those who require it for improving their mental and physical health. If you or people in your community are prone to various types of allergies, avoid adopting a dog that sheds too much fur. Another thing that should be kept in mind before adopting a therapy dog is their age. Dogs that are usually a year old are considered to be the best choice since they become mature physically and mentally at this age. It also develops all their friendly and loving attributes that are mostly needed for the people that seek care.


A proud dog parent of two Spaniels named Prince and Shiro at his residence in Kolkata, Arnab Mukherjee is an avid dog lover and dog welfare enthusiast. Seeing his two cute babies grow gives him all the happiness of the world.

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