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Things to Know While Going for a Hike With Your Dog

Dogs can be your best buddies if you have a plan of going for a hike with them. Apart from being a curious partner throughout the journey, your pet dog will have a great deal of mental stimulation from it. Several studies also suggest that dogs can reduce destructive behaviour and anxiety when they are out on a hike.

At the same time, hiking with your beloved dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. It would help if you took some measures before taking your pet to climb those high terrains.

In this blog, we will be looking into all the safety aspects and pieces of equipment needed for these types of voyages. So, let us discuss it one by one,

Know the Limits of Your Dog

Expecting your puppies to have those vigorous long walks with you can be a bit too much. It is because small pups have underdeveloped bones that aren’t favourable for strenuous workouts. So, it would be best if you waited until they turn a year old.

If you have a fully-grown dog, then you need to build up their endurance to make them fitter for adventures. If your usual walk with your dog is shorter, try to extend it a little bit more. This way, you can slowly acclimate your dog for a hiking journey.

Follow the Leash Law

Not obeying the leash laws can spoil your whole hiking adventure with the dog. Who knows that your fellow travellers may also be carrying a dog having a bad temperament?

It is hence essential that you have a dog leash and it is not longer than six feet. A leash having a length of more than six feet can entangle in small bushes and branches when you walk. A reflective harness is also a great accessory to have as it enables you to track your dog when it gets dark.

Bring Enough Food and Water

If you are packing your meals for the hiking, then remember that you have two mouths to feed. Not to forget, you should have enough water too at your disposal.

It is essential to have a lot of water because dogs can’t sweat like humans and hence they are at higher risk of overheating.

You can also bring along some dog treats to keep the energy and spirit of your dog high. After having travelled a long distance, give them their dinner to help them recover and prevent any sickness.

Bring Your Dog’s Favourite Toy

You will have to pause your journey either to eat or to camp overnight. It should not lead your dog to wander away from your vicinity.  Dog toys prove highly helpful in such situations. They ensure that your dogs are sitting steady at a place and are not distracted by anything else.

Another reason why toys are necessary because it keeps your dogs busy while you are executing some crucial things. You don’t want them to play spoilsport while you are doing some urgent tasks.

Carry a Pet First Aid Kit

Like small kids on a trail, dogs can also involve in naughtiness while travelling. Keeping a small first aid kit is necessary to meet any kinds of crisis that may come along your way.

Some essential items needed in your first aid kit are antiseptic spray for wounds, tweezers for tick removal, bandages for hurt paws and socks for extra paddingIf you can carry this much of items, you will deal minor to moderate injuries to your dog in a better way.

Take an Insect Repellent

While hiking, your pet dog may be quite vulnerable to bug bites. Though most of these insects are harmless to your dog, some of them can cause much trouble. These are external parasites known as ticks and fleas. They can transfer several diseases in your dogs, apart from causing itching and scratching.

Choose a skin-friendly insect repellent for your dogs and apply it before you start the trekking. You can also use dog tick collars that ward off the external parasites from infesting in your dogs.

To Sum Up,

Hiking gives your lovely dog a chance to get in tune with nature and also to reduce their stress and anxiety. It will also boost the overall bond between you two. If you have a trip in your mind, make sure you follow the above steps. These tips will surely help you tremendously to have a safe and memorable journey.


An avid nature and animal lover, Akhil likes to read and watch anything related to wildlife. He also has a great interest in athletics, mainly track and field events and is a big Masala Dosa fan.

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