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Golden Retriever: Top Dog Food & Feeding Patterns To Know


Did you know? Golden Retrievers are the most cherished types of breeds you’ll ever see! The breed is known for their sheer intelligence which makes them excel in obedience training sessions. Owing to their quick learning skills and people pleasing nature, they are ranked 4th in the list of Top 100 Smartest Dog Breeds in the world. Their highly affectionate nature and a special fondness towards kids make them great family dogs.

Golden Retriever – An Intro of the Breed

  • Origin – Scotland
  • Weight – Male: 29 – 35 kg / Female: 25 – 29 kg
  • Height – Male: 56 – 61 cm / Female: 51 – 56 cm
  • Coat – Straight or moderately wavy
  • Skin Colour – Any shades of gold or cream
  • Life Span – 10 -12 Years

Golden Retrievers have a wolf-like appetite. As they are a highly active breed and possess good cognitive functions, Golden Retrievers require a diet having top-notch nutrition to thrive.

You should also know that Golden Retrievers are among those large breed dogs, whose dietary requirements change significantly as they progress in their life.

To make pet parents like you well aware about the right kind of nutrition and also the feeding pattern of Golden Retrievers, we shall see below some of the best foods and feeding plan for Newborn, Puppy, Adult as well as Senior Golden Retrievers.

Dog Food & Feeding Pattern for Golden Retrievers age-wise

A) For New Born (0 to 2 months)

A mother dog’s milk fulfils all the nutritional demands of the pup during their first four weeks of life. If for any reason, the maternal milk is not available, the newborn Golden Retriever pups can be fed a high quality commercial puppy milk replacer, which imparts all the nutrients provided by the mother’s milk.

Nutritional Profile of A Baby Dog Milk

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid: Boosts Cognitive skills and eyesight in pups.
  • FOS Prebiotics: Keeps excellent digestive health and regulates bowel movement.
  • Highly Digestible Proteins: Build healthy muscles and fortify the nervous system in puppies.
  • Essential Vitamins and Anti-oxidants: Vitamins like A and D strengthens bones and joints, whereas anti-oxidants boost the overall immunity of the pups.

Which Milk Replacer Is Ideal For Newborn Golden Retrievers?

A diet like Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk has all the vital nutrients in it to support steady and harmonious growth in newborn pups. The benefits of Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk:

  • Exclusive homogeneous formula makes the milk powder get dissolved instantly.
  • Ultra-digestible proteins enhance muscle mass and bone density in pups.
  • DHA (an Omega 3 fatty acid) promotes learning functions and excellent eyesight in pups.

How Much To Feed A Golden Retriever Newborn Pup?

The Golden Retriever at birth averagely weighs around 500-600 grams. As the pups gain weight daily, their feeding amount changes from week to week.

Puppy Age (Weeks) Feedings Per Day Amount Per Feeding Time Gap

Puppy Age (Weeks) Feedings Per Day Amount Per Feeding Time Gap
1 8 7-8 ml Every 2 hours
2 5 25-30 ml Every 4-5 hours
3 4 45-50 ml Every 4-5 hours
4 4 50-60 ml Every 4-5 hours

The weaning time of Golden Retriever doggies is a crucial stage in their improvement as they change from mother’s milk to substantial sustenance.

Best Starter Foods for Golden Retriever Newborn (1-2 month old):

After your Golden Retriever puppy completes 1 month, they should be introduced to a good starter dog food which is an ideal transition from maternal milk to solid foods. These foods meet both the energy and dietary needs of the pups during their weaning phase.

The starter foods can also be served to lactating mothers, fulfilling their high energy demands during the nursing period. Here are a few starter food options:

1) Royal Canin Maxi Starter

Imperial Royal Canin Maxi Starter is healthfully complete starter nourishment meant exclusively for a large breed dog like Golden Retriever. It has all the significant components for keeping great wellbeing in both the lactating bitch and her little puppies. The benefits of Royal Canin Maxi Starter:

  • The kibble rehydrates rapidly into porridge-like consistency, making it very delicious.
  • Supports excellent digestive health.
  • Strengthens the natural defence of both the mother and pups.

2) Fidele Puppy Starter

An eating regimen like Fidele Puppy Starter contains vital minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium which keeps a steady metabolism in puppies as well as in the lactating bitch. The benefits of Fidele Puppy Starter:

  • Consists of DHA which promotes brain and eye development in pups.
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals which improve cellular health and immunity.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics in the diet assist gentle and healthy digestion.

3) Hills Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Entre

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Entre is yet another excellent starter food for Golden Retriever pups, having chicken and barley as their primary constituents, offers incredible taste and an unequivocally balanced sustenance. The benefits of Hills Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Entre:

  • Boosts vitality and maintains an ideal body weight in pups.
  • Contains lean proteins to build strong muscle mass.
  • Consists of natural ingredients that support a higher nutrient absorption and a healthy bowel activity.
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B) For Puppy (2 to 15 months)

Golden Retriever Puppies eat more in respect to the adult Golden Retriever. Consequently, they should be fed at least three times each day. A typical Golden Retriever Puppy consumes around 2200 calories a day.

Nutritional Requirements of Golden Retriever Puppy

1. 25-30% Of Protein Content: A rich diet in protein fabricates lean muscle mass and quality in the Golden Retrievers.

2. 12-18% Of Fat Content: Golden Retriever pups are a bundle of energy and vitality. Having a good measure of fats in their diet gives them a consolidated energy source for keeping up a functioning way of life. The unsaturated fats too help to brace their skin health.

3. Omega Fatty Acids: Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids are vital elements in their diet for keeping strong bones and joints. It also offers good anti-inflammatory effect, that reduces pain and swelling in the joints.

Best Foods For Golden Retriever Puppies

1) Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior is a diet tailor-made for Golden Retrievers puppies above 2 months of age. The kibble size and shape perfectly adapts to the jaws of a puppy Golden Retriever. The benefits of Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior:

  • The EPA and DHA in the diet reinforce the skin’s barrier and make the coat radiant.
  • Consists of natural fibres to promote excellent digestion in pups.
  • Anti-oxidants build a strong defence mechanism in the pups.

2) Orijen Puppy Large Breed

One of the best foods for Golden Retriever, Orijen Puppy Large is a diet that nurtures your Golden Retrievers puppy by fulfilling their evolutionary and biological needs. The benefits of Orijen Puppy Large Breed:

  • Biologically appropriate food that maintains supreme health and wellbeing in pups.
  • Protein content of 38% builds good muscle mass and supports skin and hair growth.
  • Infusions of freeze-dried chicken and turkey liver make the food highly palatable.

3) Hills Science Diet Puppy Large Breed

Hills Science Diet Puppy Large Breed contains a precisely balanced and easy to digest nutrition that fortifies the overall health of Golden Retriever Pups. The benefits of Hills Science Diet Puppy Large Breed:

  • Consists of optimal levels of calcium to assist controlled bone growth.
  • Natural sources of Glucosamine and Chondroitin keep strong muscles and joints.
  • Clinically proven anti-oxidants maintain a strong immunity in puppies.
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C) For Adult (above 15 months)

A typical adult Golden Retriever consumes daily calories of around 1500. Unlike puppies, most grown up Golden Retrievers are satisfied with 2 meals per day.

Nutritional Requirements Of Adult Golden Retrievers

1. 30% Protein Content: An ample amount of protein content improves bone density and endurance in adult Golden Retrievers.

2. 15-20% Fat Content: Fats reduce shedding in the Golden Retrievers and also restore the natural radiance of the coat.

3. 30-35% Carbohydrates: A substantial amount of carbohydrate in the diet provides a dense source of energy, which is ideal for an active dog breed like Golden Retriever.

4. EPA and DHA: These are important Omega fatty acids which keep supple bones and joints, improving overall mobility in the dogs.

Best Foods For Adult Golden Retrievers

1) Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever

In order to complete all the dietary requirements of your grown up Golden Retriever, a food like Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever proves ideal for them. The benefits of Royal Canin Adult Golden Retriever:

  • The Exclusive complex of EPA-DHA makes your Golden Retriever’s skin healthy and shiny.
  • Taurine keeps good cardiac function and also healthy eyesight in the dogs.
  • Contains dietary fibres that keep healthy gut and excellent digestive functioning.

2) Pedigree Meat and Rice Adult Dog Food

Pedigree Meat and Rice Adult Dog is a wholesome diet for adult Golden Retrievers, having all the vital nutrients for maintaining superior health and wellbeing. The benefits of Pedigree Meat and Rice Adult:

  • Calcium strengthens the bones and joints of the adult Golden Retrievers.
  • Extensive protein content to enhance muscle mass and strength.
  • High quality meat and rice offering greater taste and nutritional value.

3) Farmina N&D Grain Free Pumpkin and Blueberry Adult

Farmina N&D Grain Free Pumpkin And Blueberry Adult is a top quality diet, having Grain Free Pumpkin, Lamb and Blueberry as the primary constituents, makes iot highly delectable and nutritious for grown up Golden Retrievers. The benefits of Farmina N&D Grain Free Pumpkin and Blueberry:

  • Offers good anti-inflammatory effects in adult Golden Retrievers.
  • The low glycemic index of the food eliminates obesity and diabetes in the dogs.
  • Pumpkin as an ingredient regulates intestinal motility.
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D) For Senior Age (above 8 Years)

The Golden Retriever is viewed as a senior at around eight years of age. They become less active and therefore a little vulnerable to obesity. It is critical to nourish them with low-calorie sustenance as it keeps an ideal body weight and consequently puts less pressure on the joints.

Nutritional Requirements Of Senior Golden Retrievers

1. Low Calorie Diet: Senior Golden Retrievers experience a decline in Metabolism. Also owing to their low exercise requirements, they only consume around 1000 Calories daily.

2. Moderate Protein and Fat Content: A protein content of around 20% and a fat of 10% is ideal for elderly Golden Retrievers.

3. Low Carbohydrate Content: A diet that has low carbs keeps a healthy blood sugar level in the dog, thus eliminating diabetes and obesity.

4. High Fibre Content: Nature Fibres are essential for Senior Golden Retrievers for keeping an ideal body weight and excellent digestive health.

5. Glucosamine and Chondroitin: Having traces of Glucosamine and Chondrotin in the diet of a senior Golden Retriever, alleviate pain produced in bones and joints.

Best Foods For Senior Golden Retrievers

1) Orijen Senior Food

In case you are searching for organically proper sustenance that has a low glycemic record that keeps diabetes and obesity at bay in your senior Golden Retrievers, you can have Orijen Senior Food which is effectively the best eating regimen for senior Golden Retrievers. The benefits of Orijen Senior Food:

  • Consists of 38% protein content that maintain strong muscles and fixes the damaged tissues in older Golden Retrievers.
  • A low carb content keeps an ideal weight and a healthy blood sugar level.
  • Highly delicious meal having fresh Free Run Chicken and Turkey tempts the fussiest of eaters.

2) Fidele Light and Senior Adult Dog Food

Fidele Light and Senior Adult Dog Food is another diet which is ideal for senior Golden Retriever dogs. It comprises of edible protein supporting pure osmosis of supplements and furthermore has L-Carnitine which consumes the abundance of fat stores in the body. The benefits of Fidele Light and Senior Adult Dog Food:

  • Consist of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for improving the lubrication in bones and joints of senior Golden Retrievers.
  • The ideal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 controls blood clotting and maintains the health and sheen of the coat.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals keep a robust immune system.
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Foods That Are Bad For Golden Retrievers

You should also be mindful of certain foods that trigger allergic reactions in Golden Retrievers and hence should be avoided at all costs. Below are some of the foods that should not be given to a Golden Retriever:

1. Raw Eggs
2. Chocolate
3. Coffee
4. Corn
5. Wheat
6. Soy
7. Grapes
8. Onion
9. Garlic

Wrapping Up

Golden Retrievers are among the most joyful dog breeds around. Having good awareness about their appetite and nutrition goes a long way in keeping them healthy and happy. With this piece of information, you can be assured of providing balanced and wholesome nourishment to your beloved Golden Retriever and thereby elevating the quality of his life considerably.


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