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Hair Shedding in Dogs |Causes and Cure

Dog Parents are often plagued by the loose hair of their dogs that stick to sofas, beds, carpets, clothes and the likes of it. Vacuum cleaning the space is surely one way to rid the fallen dog hair but it isn’t a problem solver and would require you to clean regularly. The more recent the shedding, the more easy it would be to remove the fur. You cannot curtail this natural phenomenon but definitely too much shedding can be reduced with the adoption of certain measures.
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Hair Shedding is a cyclical process in dogs, whereby the animal will lose the old coat or redundant fur. There are some breeds that have a heavy undercoat therefore shed frequently, basically the thick double coat layering helps keep the dogs hailing from colder regions warm and comfortable. German Shepherd, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow Chow, Labrador Retriever & Siberian Husky are some breeds that may be regarded as heavy shedders and constant shedding may well be a normal occurrence for these dogs. Some amount of natural hair shedding will take place in any canine variety, but the real problem arises when the below mentioned conditions give rise to extreme hair loss, consequently requiring immediate treatment.

  1. Parasite infestation such as ticks & fleas, a good spot on treatment for dogs is often the best resolution in thus cause.
  2. Skin infections caused due to fungus and bacteria can result in uneven loss of hair and eventually lead to bald spots.
  3. Cushing’s disease is a result of excessive production of a hormone called cortisol and causes hair loss in dogs. A tumor of the adrenal gland is also a rare cause of Cushing’s disease.
  4. During Pregnancy or during the suckling period of the pups.
  5. When the dog licks or bites the area affected by an allergy/flea bite, hair loss exacerbates.
  6. Allergies set off by certain foods or environmental factors/pollen.
  7. Some medications can lead to rashes in your dog, thereby triggering unnecessary loss of fur. Also certain shampoos may not suit the pet causing rashes and the related fur loss.
  8. An accidental contact with chemical agents.
  9. Overexposure to the sun can lead to sunburn, that causes said problem.
  10. Lack of proper nutrition.Look out for symptoms such as redness of the skin, rashes, and bald spots and dry hair that comes out easily.

Only a doctor will be able to diagnose whether the shedding is normal/natural or caused due to a disorder of structure or function/disease. The vet will prescribe medications to treat the problem at hand. Skin allergies can be cured with the application of topical medicines. In case of sensitivity to a type of food, it is best to change the diet plan and avoid the substance responsible for allergic reaction.

With regard to curing fungal infections antifungal shampoos and drugs are available. Some bacterial infections may require the use of antibiotics.

Talking about lack of essential nutrients in the diet, a high quality pet food can be procured that has the necessary ingredients and eliminates the use of extra supplements.

There are simple ways you can practice at home to ensure the pet dog has a healthy coat & skin. Maintaining the health of coat is the first step towards curbing excessive shedding and keeping your home hair free.

  1. Daily Brushing will not just improve the softness of the dog’s fur but also keep it clean. Another advantage of combing is that it keeps the home free of unwanted hair by reducing the shedding of loose fur. Dog combs/brushes differ in sizes; pick a suitable one for the dog depending upon its hair type. Also Pet grooming gloves (suit dogs with short or long hair) are available for the purpose of gently working on the tangles and remove dead hair, rendering lustre to the coat.
  2. Provide your furry companion a nutritious diet, whether the food is home-made or packaged.
  3. Bathing the dog every once in a while will help to rid the dog’s coat of dirt and stink. A clean coat greatly discourages a tick/flea attack.
  4. Regular health checkups at the vet’s clinic will help to identify the underlying disease early on, responsible for extreme shedding. Timely treatment is only possible in such a scenario.

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