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Healthy Dog Guide: Caring Tips For Your Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a highly muscular and well built dog breed that is known for its strong back and well rounded body. It has robust shoulders and a long neck. Its head has color markings that make it special and different looking. This dog was originally a fierce breed, but now with training, it has become a gentler breed. Though, they are still fearless and courageous, they are active and fun loving. In no time, they get attached to their owners and stay obedient and loyal to them. This is a good example of a family pet and with a little supervision and leadership; they can turn out to be a well adjusted pet. In this article, I will share with you some tips to do proper care of your bull terrier.


1. Training

Bull Terriers are highly energetic dogs and they need constant exercise to stay fit and active. They cannot be confined to smaller areas. They need to go out for their daily running and exercising. Right from the very beginning, they must be trained to become obedient and follow instructions. Since they get attached to their owners pretty quickly, they absorb instructions well and follow them without any behavior issues. They need a little training and a firm but loving guidance to train them in a fine manner.

2. Health & Nutrition

These dogs are prone to heart ailments, flea and skin allergies and dislocation of the kneecaps. Thus, it is imperative that they are taken to the vets on a regular basis to ensure a good health. They may also suffer from zinc deficiency; as such the food chosen for them must have proper zinc and other necessary minerals. Their nutritional requirements may change as they grow; hence a little guidance from the vet may help to take care of these needs. Regular exercising and running will keep them in high spirits. Moreover, their bubbling energy will be channeled into something positive.

3. Grooming

bull terrier

The coat of a Bull Terrier is hard in texture, but flat, shiny and short. Weekly brushing using a curry brush is more than enough to keep their hair untangled. When the shedding season is at its peak, regular brushing may help in controlling the problem. Nail care and dental hygiene are two aspects that need to be taken care of once in a while. Professional grooming services can also be used for this purpose. A reliable breeder must be searched in order to ensure a healthy puppy. Since, these dogs have strong jaws, they must be provided with rubber toys that gives their jaws a thorough exercise. Here are some good grooming product for bull terrier:

4. Feeding

Since these dogs grow quickly, it is important that they are not fed more than what is necessary. Besides, feeding them with food that matches their growth and development needs, they must also be given proper exercise, otherwise they will get lazy. Their food must have low proteins, animal based sucrose and extra fat. Low protein food is essential for them as they are prone to a variety of allergies. Some good commercial food for bull terrier are:

The above tips can help you to enjoy your Bull Terrier more than ever!


Anwar Jakhal is a blogger, travel enthusiast, fitness fanatic, and animal lover who is figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. With interest in human and canine nutrition and fitness, he is using his biotechnology background to explore and write about his interests.

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