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How To Choose a Right Muzzle For Your Dog: By Taking Care Of Your Dog’s Health, Comfort And Life!

Every dog experiences a time in its life when it is supposed to wear muzzle, whether it is for the purpose of a public transport, grooming, vet visits or clipping toe nails. Selecting the right muzzle for your dog is an extremely challenging task. The dogs owners often ask this question as they want to know that how should they choose the right muzzle properly. The most essential thing that you should keep in mind is that never leave your dog in a muzzle unsupervised as dog have a tendency to hurt them.

muzzle-dog-muzzle-wire Below are reviewed some of the most common muzzle questions for your dog, so they will assist you in choosing the most appropriate one for your beloved furry friend-

A wire cage or leather muzzle, which one is better?

Undoubtedly, a wired muzzle will provide your dog with a better air flow. It also permits your pet to drink water while being muzzled. Further, a leather muzzle is the perfect solution for cold weather or winter season, as it does not reflect back the sunlight. They also offer the advantage of being more light weight than the cage wire muzzles. Both types of muzzles are very easily adjustable. Also, both of them come in different sizes as well to fulfill the needs of small, medium, and large dog breeds.

leather muzzle

Many of the dog owners use muzzles for the purpose of taking their dogs for a visit to a vet. It is recommended that you should use the same muzzle for your dog, both for dog transportation as well as a dog’s visit to a vet. Get a dog muzzle which freely allows it to breath and pant. Good and free air circulation is very essential for the purpose of visiting a vet. Further, keep in mind to always muzzle your pet during the whole procedure of transportation as in such situations any pet’s behavior gets unpredictable and it can harm someone unnecessarily. It is a must have thing during transportation. Make sure that your dog gets used to wearing a muzzle before it is traveling.

Although it is an extremely challenging task, but you ought to be a bit patient and wait precisely till the muzzle fits your dog properly. Be patient and also spend some time in sizing your dog. Follow the instructions that can help you in measuring your furry friend when choosing the right muzzle for it. In 99 percent of the cases, if the owner correctly measures his pet, he is likely to get the best fit muzzle model for his canine.

measurementsbrowndog chart

It is also recommended to find a dog muzzle that is very easily adjustable, even if your dog grows. The option of adjustment depends on the design of the dog muzzle. The metal and leather muzzles have a fixed shape with some adjustable straps. But, in case you want to offer maximum comfort to your beloved canine then you will need to purchase different muzzles to serve the different needs and purposes, till your canine is fully grown up. Although, it is quiet expensive but it is much better to take care of your pet’s well being. Also, prefer not to purchase muzzles for your puppies.

As a responsible owner, you need to check that which dog muzzle will help your dog in drinking comfortably. Wire muzzles easily allow the dogs to drink. You just have to make use of a deep bowl. Your pet just has to dip and enjoy the refreshing water. Moreover, you can also provide treats to your dog in such kinds of muzzles, which helps in preparing the dog for wearing the muzzle. Also, some of the leather muzzles which are specifically designed with open nose feature permit the dogs to drink water. But leather muzzles are not advisable as the leather might get wet in water and slowly it will start getting crack. As a result it will start giving bad odour.


The owners, who want to provide professional agitation dog training to their canines, should consider purchasing a strong leather muzzle along with a special steel bar covered in leather. This will assist in protecting your dog from the trauma and keep it in shape. But no need to purchase these muzzles for the daily usage as they are purchased for military and police canines.a

Choose the kind of muzzle having soft material near the nose area. This type of muzzle can be made up of Nappa leather or felt thick. It is extremely pleasant, beautiful and soft to touch. They protect your pet from skin irritation or rubbing.

If you want to choose a muzzle which can fulfill your dog’s swimming needs, then wire cage muzzle is the perfect option available. Remember you have to take care of your dog’s health, comfort and life!


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