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How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog?

If you own a dog, you would have realized by now that these bundles of joy cannot stay put in one place. They are a powerhouse of dynamic energy, and to satiate their playfulness, you need to keep them engrossed with the right type of toy. Picking a toy for your pet canine is not an easy task. Options like plush toys and rawhide bones have always been popular choices. We need to ensure that the play object helps the dog in its playing and chewing behaviour.

If you think these toys are unnecessary cost additions, then think again. In addition to the mental stimulation and chewing habits, they also prove to be suitable outlets for following their instincts. Many experts corroborate the fact that dogs may develop behavioural problems if the owners don’t keep them sufficiently engrossed with toys that help them run around or to chew on.

Here are some types of toys that you can consider for your pet dog –

1 – Rawhide bones

The rawhide chews are typically used by dog owners to maintain the dog’s dental health. The continuous chewing actions helps to get rid of the formation of plaque or tartar from the surface of the teeth. They also provide hours of fun for the dog who can laze around chewing on the rubbery bone.

If your dog is not a great chewer, then don’t worry. Today, we see rawhide chews available in various shapes and sizes. When you set out to purchase rawhide bones, you will be surprised by the array of options available in different tastes, colours, and shapes. So, you can opt for rawhide chips that go well with dogs that aren’t aggressive chewers.

2 – Plush toys

Dogs love plush toys and carry it around when they are indoors. Such types of toys are best for pups or smaller dogs. The soft toys are shaped into different animals like a teddy bear and stuffed with appropriate filling. Some toys may also come with a squeaker that makes a sound when the dog presses on it.

These toys are ideal for playing fetch as the dogs love to go after them and bring them back. It is essential to remember that these toys aren’t very durable. Many dogs with aggressive tendencies would rip into the stuffing of the toy and tear them apart. You should be surprised to find stuffing strewn all around the place.

3 – Rope toys

Just like rawhide chews, rope toys too come in a range of colours, materials, and designs. Dog owners can see multiple applications for these rope toys. If its one end is tied to a pole or fence, it can offer an excellent dental exercise for the dog, who will try continuously to pull at it.

Some owners also use rope toys for playing fetch. Others may also have two dogs at both ends of the rope toy playing tug of war. These rope toys can be partially or entirely made of plastic or fabric parts and provide a fantastic avenue for the dog to clean the dental lining by helping it to chew on it for hours.

4 – Balls

They are the universal favourite for dogs. It is not uncommon to see multiple balls lying about near the dog in a home. Dogs love to chew on the hard, rubbery surface of the object and get satisfaction from hours of chewing. Many people also use tennis balls to play fetch. Since the dog can comfortably grip the round surface of a smaller sized tennis ball, the dog likes to pick it up between its teeth and carry it back in a game of fetch. Others would go for multiple options like glow in the dark or flashing light balls.

It is essential to pick the ball size so that the dog is comfortable enough to carry it. At the same time, it should not be so small that there is a danger of the dog accidentally swallowing it. While tennis balls are considered a decent, average-sized object, many larger dogs like to play with bigger sized balls. On the other end of the spectrum, smaller dogs would be more comfortable with smaller sized balls.

5 – Food dispensing toys 

The treat-dispensing toys are a hit among dogs. These toys require the dog to put in some effort to retrieve the nibbles and treats contained inside the box. The dogs can spend hours altogether, trying to recover their favourite treats. These types of toys are great for making the dog work a bit to get the food they want. The long stretch of hours spent by the dog helps build mental and physical stimulation, thus keeping away boredom related issues at bay.

Make sure that such toys are durable, as they need to withstand the punishing gnawing and tugging from the dog. Also, some styles of toys are easier to clean than others. So, pick one that is simple enough to clean and remove the crumbs.

6 – Interactive dog toys

Just like food dispensing toys, these types of interactive toys need the dog to put in some effort consciously to meet an objective. When dogs are confined indoors, such objects can provide hours of activity to prevent the dog from getting bored. Be it for teething puppies or slowing down the eating habits of a fast-eating fog, such interactive toys can serve multiple purposes for the dog owner.

Of course, the dog would need some assistance at the beginning to learn how to use the toy. If the owner doesn’t take care of this step, then the chances are that the dog would not touch the object at all. You may want to put in bigger sized delicious treats and meat pieces that the dog would love to extract from the toy. Once she gets accustomed to the toy, the size of the nibble can decrease to its normal size.

To sign off

Dog toy choices are virtually limitless. So, it’s better to check which toy would go well with your specific pet dog and work well to enable hours of fun chewing or running after.


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