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How To Control Algae In An Aquarium

Algae In An Aquarium

Presence of algae in an aquarium is a natural development. And its growth, to a certain extent, is also healthy for the environment of the aquarium. It is only the excess growth which is a cause of concern. As not only it looks bad and hinders view but it can also be harmful to the fish and plants.

Given below are a few measures which you can take to ensure an effective algae control:

Overfeeding the fish

Feeding more than the required quantity of food facilitates the growth of algae in your aquarium. Uneaten food and fish waste lead to the formation of certain nutrients which act as food for the algae. Feeding once a day or offering smaller meals 2/3 times a day would help to keep the algae growth in control. Also, make it a habit to remove the uneaten food promptly.

Control over lighting

Light and nutrients assist the development of algae. Direct sunlight is a strict no-no for an aquarium; even the reflected light should be blocked by all means. Regulate the use of aquarium lights with the help of a timer. The timer will turn the light on and off with precision, aiding in decreasing the exposure to light.

Also, it has been observed that certain algae flourish as the aquarium light loses its intensity. Thus, it is important to change the light bulb as the intensity of the light dips.

Water changes

Undertake partial water changes, frequently, in order to keep the level of nitrate and other nutrients in the water low. Keep changing the water by 10 to 15 percent, every week to remove excess nutrients.

Check tap water                                                

Test the tap water before putting it in the aquarium as it may be containing elements like phosphorus which encourage algae growth. Get such water treated with RO (Reverse Osmosis) or a water filter.

 Maintain aquarium filter

Always choose a good aquarium filter and keep it well maintained so that they effectively maintain the biological balance of the aquarium.

Wipe it out

Whenever you see the algae on the glass or other hard surfaces just clean them up by scraping the surface. At the time of changing water get the gravel vacuumed.

Have more plants

Plants also need nutrients and light to thrive. Having more live plants would stop the algae from taking over the environment of the water tank. The competition would ensure lesser food to the algae; thus, lower rate of growth.

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Introduce Algae eating fish                           

Keeping algae eating fish would raise diversity and beauty of your fish tank and also give you good workers to clean-up the algae. Fish like Plecos, Siamese Flying Fox and Dwarf are some of the algae-eating fish. You may also have Cory Cat (small catfish), a natural vacuum cleaner which seeks food at the bottom of the tank and clears the uneaten food bits.

Type of algae bugging your aquarium

There are quite a few types of algae which can occur in your aquarium. Knowing the kind of the algae would determine the cause and solution of problem. Algae which you see in your water tank can be Blue-green, Brown, Red or Beard, Green water algae, etc. Most of them are easy to deal with while the rest need some more work to get rid of.

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