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How to Feed Dry/Wet Food To Your Kitten

Feeding your kitten is an important job that should be done properly. Giving them right food becomes our duty.  Their proper diet and time schedule should be maintained or else they may grow healthy frequently.  Proper nutrition is very necessary for them to build an effective immune system.  Let’s discuss how to feed your kitten right from the first day and the best schedule for it.

Nursing Kittens

For the first few weeks, spring one will need feed only from the mother. While nursing, the adult cat will need more food and water, but she must be able to feed her newborn without any further help. It is suggested that lactating cats should get kitten food so that they can gain extra calories.

If mother is not able to produce enough milk for entire litter, you must require to hand rear. A healthy one will gain its weight in the first two weeks and if it fails, you must take the help of a veterinarian.

4-5 Weeks old

After completing one month, it must start showing interest in solid food. At this particular stage, it is recommended to give them small amount of kitten food mixed with milk. While mixing, you must make something like a baby food. It should be provided to them four times a day.  Keep watching them while feeding and once they have finished, remove the bowl to keep that place clean.

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While weaning, the amount of milk mixed should be reduced. Kittens should be able to digest solid food. During this period, the amount of food offered to the mother can be reduced every week, till she is not back on adult food.

After Weaning

After ablactating, the cat must eat kitten food that contains meat, fish or poultry. You should not feed them adult food till it has completed its one year. It is wisely suggested to avoid a diet of dry food as this may cause them life threatening dehydration.

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You may provide them wet food or a mixture of dry and wet food. Just make sure that kittens have access to clean fresh water. In the best case, the water bowl must be kept in unlike location from the food as they don’t like eating and drinking in the same place.

Changing Foods

Cats may be awfully busy, so you can plan to change kitten’s food into adult food gradually. With weaning, add small portion of new food to the familiar meal.  But, remember that sudden changes should not be there or else cats may cause digestive problems.


You should not feed a kitten with any kind of milk after it has been ablactated. Like all animals, it can also mislay the power to digest lactose. So, milk may cause them stomach problem that will be quite dreadful for the cat and you as well.

Though, kittens need more nutritious food that is comparatively unlike from adult cats. So, feeding them with kitten food is very essential. In this way, you can feed your kittens with dry or wet food and make them grow fit and fine.

When it comes to choosing wet or dry food for kittens, it becomes very difficult to opt among these two. Each one has its own benefits. Canned food gives more moisture than a dry one. This can be useful for keeping your kitten well hydrated.

Coming to their dry food, it is easy to feed them and stored for longer period in the bowl. It doesn’t contain high carbohydrate content, which means cats can gain their weight easily if they eat more. Nonetheless, they can gain weight on both types of food. The main thing is that you have to take proper care of their diet or else their overeating may cause obesity, which is commonly found in maximum domestic cats.


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