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How To Feed Indian Dogs-Dog Diet and Tips

Food is an integral part of our health and its impact can be seen clearly. The same is applicable for dogs too. What we eat should be monitored. Dog food should have the presence of all the required nutrients in the correct amounts. The percentage of all nutrients need to be under scanner as too much of varying contents can be harmful as well. Every breed of dog has different requirement.


Packed or tinned dog food is easily available in the market. The dog can be given that for eating, the ingredients are mentioned on the pack for our reference. Some special foods are also available as per the breed of the dog. The choice is vast, and we can select from the range. Food for dogs is available online also in various shopping sites which has made purchasing a simple phenomenon. The vitamin present in the food for the dog should be administered in right quantity.

Indian dogs are pampered by their owners as far as food is concerned. The owner has the habit of giving the dog everything off the shelf to the dog. But a slight check is required here. Few tips are mentioned below which proves to be very helpful:

1. Calcium is an important nutrient which should be given to the dog. It is present in milk. Milk, in an adequate amount should be given to the dog. Too much milk can be harmful, though. One feed in a day is enough for the pet. But the ratio differs for pregnant dogs and growing puppies. Their body requires more calcium content and milk is a rich source of the same. A vet doctor’s advice can be beneficial in this regard.

2. Protein presence in the food for the dog varies between 20%-30%. Rich sources of protein are fish and salmon. These can be given in correct quantity to the pet. Make sure to cook, and give as raw fish can prove to be harmful to the dog as it may cause weakness in the animal. It can also lead to a seizure in dogs. Too much of protein level is not recommended for the dog, The doctor can prescribe better options as per the breed of the dog. Protein biscuits are also available in the market which can replenish the protein requirement in the diet.

3. It is a good habit to treat your dog with sweets and calorie food. But the habit is not beneficial for the dog as it only causes obesity in dogs and leads to laziness. It could also cause breathlessness while running. So restrict the calorie count of the dog which will be beneficial for the animal in the long run.

4. Meat should be given to the dog in correct content. Too much of a soft meat is not good and neither raw meat. Cook it slightly before presenting it before the dog.

5. It is not a good idea to give raw eggs to the dogs as it increases the biotin content in the body. Once in a while is harmless, but do not make it a habit.

6. A very important tip is to give your pet timely meals as it develops an eating discipline among the dogs and keeps the dog away from the habit if begging for food. Two measured meals are sufficient for the dogs. A light snack can be given in between but do not overdo.

Food has to be eaten to be fit and active. Just as we feel sluggish after overeating, so do the dogs and it is our duty to take good care of the pet. Over feeding is not a good sign. Give balanced diet to the pet in order to ensure a healthy growth of the pet.


Sugandha is a devoted pet owner who owns two cats named Kai, Ritter & a Golden Retriever named Bracky. She is an avid dog agility enthusiast, and hopes her new pup will someday be an agility champion!. In an effort to strengthen the bond between people and their pets, she shares her knowledge by writing articles.

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